Is God Doing Anything For You?

  We started this challenge with opening our hearts- through poses and meditation. To prepare our hearts for the Advent season, we wanted to first examine our hearts and see where we need His light to shine as we head into this time of preparing for the coming of our King.

As we near the end of the challenge, we bow in surrender to the great work He is faithful to complete in us.

The @naptimediaries advent devotional says, “God has already done it all, we simply have to engage in the freedom that has already been established for us.” What amazing freedom that is!! We don’t have to DO it. He only asks that we engage in what He is doing, surrender to the new life He is creating in us. “So friend, what is it in your life that God is doing? Take a minute to yourself and ask God what He is doing in your heart in this Advent season. What does He want to free you from? 

It is not in our doing, it’s simply engaging in God. The God who brings joy, peace and hope to every situation that He is apart of.” ❤

How Would You Describe Jesus

  Yesterday was day 12 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional. I didn’t have time to do it yesterday and wanted to honour the time for this devotional. So I did it today on day 13. It’s “drawing meditation” combined with Lectio Divina. 

Note: not sure what “adimarable” is in the picture but totally an example of where I’m learning to embrace “imperfection” where it is not required. 😜

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)
“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

To me, these words describe our King. Jesus. And it’s timely as we approach #advent… To think of all of the qualities that Jesus is and has. We often talk about trying to be more ‘Christ-like’. When I start dwelling on these adjectives, it was just like, “wow”. Just… wow… 

Would or can I use ALL those words to describe myself? Probably not yet… Probably never… Thankful I have my Saviour to look up to.

P.S. I also learnt about the meaning of the Advent Wreath so that’s what I was attempting to draw.. 😂

God Changes…that Make a Difference

  Today is day 11 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional. And today’s devotional comes from @naptimediaries Advent journal.

“Whenever the tides of change come, it is an opportunity to act rather than react.  When I align my expectations with God’s will, it becomes easier to embrace the change rather than fight against it.

As we embrace God’s will we are becoming more like Him. ‘And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.  For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.’ (2 Corinthians 3:18)

God isn’t throwing change at us to confuse us. God is molding us into His image. What changes are on the horizon of your life? How is God calling you to adjust your expectations? How is He shaping you to be more like Him? Are you ready to embrace the process?

It’s time. Open your heart, mind, and spirit to His way. He is good. He has a plan.”   -Heather Burris

If I had to pick between ‘change’ or ‘routine’, I would always lean towards the latter.  Not that I can’t cope with change.  I just don’t enjoy it.  I never have.  If I had to be honest with myself, it’s because I fear unpredictability.  I like predictability.  I like to know that things are within control.  MY control, to be specific.  Again, another learning in my spiritual life; that really, God is the one in control.  And I can totally learn to surrender and let him lead on changing fronts.  On every occasion that I’ve been faced with change, I always come out on the other side stronger.  In hindsight, I’ve always…hear me, ‘ALWAYS’, come out on the other side seeing how God has played a part.  I often struggle with the ‘surrendering’ bit but I’m getting a good grasp at it now.  That’s faith building inside me and I’m thankful for the opportunity to know it this way.  I’ve realised that when you stop acting like a control freak, that’s precisely all that changes.  You AREN’T the control freak.  The outcome is the same, except you have picked up and learnt the power of prayer, obedience, grace and peace along the way.  More recently, I have journeyed through changes in my life that have invited the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  And boy, has that made all the difference.  The BEST difference in my sense of peace, belonging and identity.

THAT, to me, is the change that God wants to see in us when He puts us in situations of change.

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Dedication to a Noble Man

  Today is day 9 of the ‪#‎PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent‬ Holy Yoga devotional and today is grace day.

What does ‘grace’ mean to you?

THIS is grace for me. My father. He shines grace all over. He is my best friend, my mentor, my go-to-for-everything. He gave me the foundations of being a good Christian from my earliest memories. He showed me what Grace is about.

“Stay calm, stay in lane.” was a frequent reminder from him.

Growing up, I remember making mistakes along the way. Most were insignificant but some were grave. No matter how big or small the mistakes were, I was always shown grace by my dad.

Gentleness is his fashion. There’s disappointment from him at times, but hardly anger.

He has inspired many, including my other best friend, my hubby Willie Pang.

My earthly father, Dennis, is a gracious blessing from Him above.

What spells grace for you today?

Testing a Mother’s Patience 

Today is Day 8 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional and we practise #lectiodivina with #journaling.
Lectio Devina is a discipline of Bible meditation where we are in silence, repeating a verse, musing over the words and listening for God’s voice. As a mother, I’ve learned that Lectio Divina doesn’t come easily. I might go so far to call it a luxury…ok, I’m exaggerating now but you get the point. 
My baby has been running a fever in the past 20 hours, I’m sleep deprived and he’s highly irritable. He is testing my patience today. Needless to say, all the plans for my day were also thrown out the window. To say I practised Lectio Divina today would be a lie. 

HOWEVER…. I love how this daily devotional has helped me. God is good. He gave me the creativity to find stillness and a good moment of peace to do meditate, with my baby. This verse from 1 Corinthians 13 is exactly what I needed. To hear Him speak to me about motherly love. How true maternal love transcends just “responsibility” and warrants patience. How I thoroughly enjoyed repeating the verse in silence while my baby amused himself together with me. 

This exercise has truly helped me realise that we can ALWAYS find calm in chaos. How? In Him. Just look up 🙌🏻 I praise You, Lord. 

Christmas. Pain Beyond Imagination

  Today is Day 7 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional.

It’s a busy Sunday and truth be told, I didn’t really get the still meditation time I would have liked to have. Running around with two boys and HoYo Sunday class to teach, life has never a dull moment on Sundays! But in this time we prepare for Advent, every day I make time to think about Jesus’ coming. Here, my son and I do it together. We both love Jesus. We say our prayers together. He is my blessing. I love my son.

I know God loves His and to send His son to bear our sins for us, planned to be crucified on the cross from the moment He was born… It’s pain beyond imagination.

Thank you, Lord for your mercy. Thank YOU for Your grace. 

Embarrassed by My Name

20151121_天愛SkyLoveThis month, Holy Yoga Ministries asks us all to dedicate a post to introduce ourselves.  It has been great learning more about the 1300+ community of HoYo teachers worldwide.  Founded by Brooke Boon, in her obedience to God’s calling, she has helped hundreds and a rapidly growing thousand(s) of us Jesus and Yoga lovers to bring the word of God to all corners of the world through Holy Yoga.
My name is Josephine Lau, more often known as ‘Jo’, living in Sydney, Australia.  A mother of 3 boys (including my eldest, aka my husband) currently training as a HoYo Therapist.  I have the honour of bringing HoYo classes 4 times a week to my community around me.  Combining my HoYo lifestyle, motherhood and my profession-by-trade as a Digital Marketer,  my life is filled with busy-ness but also peace in Christ Jesus.  I find joy in all things I do in Him.  Some days are great, some days are average.  But let’s just say, every day that I live to serve Him is a blessing.  If I ever forget that one day,  I only need to look at my Chinese name.
My mother gave me this name that I had been embarrassed for years, as a child.  In Chinese, this is a very literal and obscure name.  It reads ‘Sky Love’ and means ‘Love from above’.  I’ve grown to love this name.  If I ever forget what my life is about, say my name, say my name….