Noah | Week 1

I am absolutely in love with my new child, Noah. Very much.

There’s much love to give that I finally understand how mums can continue to have more and more children.

I’m bonding very well with Noah. I know it sounds terrible to say but I feel I am bonding with Noah more, as a newborn, compared with Seth. With Seth, I bonded with my bump a lot. It could well be because I know exactly what I’m doing this second time round and I feel a lot more comfortable. Nevertheless, I’m not complaining about the sleepless nights nor the breastfeeding. I remember that I wanted to give up on breastfeeding within a week with Seth. And during this pregnancy with Noah, I had told friends that I would probably start Noah on formula on the get-go. A week has past already but I’m enjoying every moment of breastfeeding and have no intention of giving up. Not just yet anyways!

What’s also very different this time is how I am managing the newborn’s sleep cycle and feeding schedule. With Seth, I was known as “The Schedule” Nazi. I mean, we took him everywhere with us and he was an angel but we rarely, if not at all, broke the rules with feeding times, let alone co-sleeping with us! If it meant, waking Seth with a wet washer when it was time to feed, I did it. Nor did I have an issue with leaving him to ‘cry it out’ because it wasn’t feeding time yet. With little Noah, I was co-sleeping with him on day two in hospital. My heart aches to see him cry and I feel the maternal instincts a lot more than with Seth.

I feel very blessed to be able to such different yet positive experiences with each child.

With Seth, it was all very front-loaded excitement and following text book theories, which worked wonders for all practicality purposes.

With Noah, I was a lot more laid back with the pregnancy and preparation. The experiments seems to be more delayed and I’m enjoying the newborn journey more.

Let’s see… It has only been a week (but also the toughest, from memory). Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed myself!





Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 39-40

The final, final stretch… Or is it? For most women bearing a second child, you would think, “yes”. But given I was 2 weeks overdue with my first baby, I could well be overdue again for this subsequent one. They say that each subsequent pregnancy is usually shorter. For me, being a week overdue is still technically ‘shorter’ than my previous pregnancy.

These last two weeks are seriously NOT fun. I envy those women who don’t mind pregnancy and for those who ‘love’ pregnancy, for whatever variety of crazy reasons, please don’t even talk to me!

I’m proud that I have been able to keep up with my vigourous yoga flow and that I’ve put on only 15kg so far (compared with the 25kg last time round). Still, I feel as big as a whale, immobile and very helpless. I know they say, “Well, you’re making a human being. So you’re doing a lot!” It certainly doesn’t feel like I’m doing much when I’m constantly slow and lazing around all day long, waiting for that bag of water to break!

The worst of it all is the sleepless nights. For those who know me, you will know that I much prefer being sleep deprived with a baby and feeding every 2 hours in the night than being sleep deprived with a sever itch and a massive belly. Sure, I was blessed with a very good baby (Seth) and hope that Noah will be the same. At the same time, it’s not like newborns don’t all wake for their night feeds every 2 hours! I had my fair run of feeding every 2-3 hours for the first 3 months. And I guarantee you, even that, is 100 times better than having to be awake all 8 hours of the night scratching your skin till it breaks.

I’ve whinged enough here. I am over pregnancy. I pray that Father, Your will is to have a healthy baby grow inside me for as long as required. So, I shall hang in there.

But please… Can this be over in the next 6 days?

[Update - 16th Sep 2014]
The obstetrician who saw me at my 39 weeks appointment was, at first, in agreement with the prognosis of the other doctors, I.e. Slight chance of Cholestatis. However, about 10 minutes into the consultation, he changed his mind. He said that the fact that bile salts are slightly higher and the fact that I was ‘scratching like a monkey for the past 5 minutes’, he would prefer to have the baby out by the due date than later. What made him change his mind? Well, before I left the consultation room, I asked him categorically for a prognosis on Cholestasis.

His response, “I would say, ‘yes, you do.’ I have been looking at you and you’re itching everywhere. Cholestasis is clinical and I would say you have it. So let’s get this baby out.”

He also did a membrane sweep to see if we could get labour started before the induction. I bled a little and man, the procedure was unpleasant!

Last night, I had a few contractions that woke me but they seemed to have died down now, which is frustrating. Well, at least I know I am just days away with the induction happening in 6 days’ time!

Willie’s Birthday | Hurricane’s Grill & Office Cake Surprise

Simplicity delivers the greatest happiness.

Despite wishing that Noah would be born on the same day as Willie’s birthday, much to Willie’s delight, Noah decided to stay put in my belly!

My parents, Seth and I decided to surprise Willie at his office with 2 birthday cakes.


Dinner followed at Hurricane’s. ┬áIt was a simple day but I think simplicity delivers the greatest happiness!


6th Wedding Anniversary | Gastro Park

Another beautiful wedding anniversary celebration for Willie and I this year. Praise The Lord, for delivering us such happiness!

It’s our 6th year anniversary and each year, we seem to be more in love. I know it sounds sappy but if you knew what the first few years of our (hellish) marriage was like, you’ll understand why I am so grateful for what we have right now.

As usual, my husband dearest showered me with a romantically, poetic card together with a couple of Pandora charms. It has taken him some years but he’s finally learnt the art of gift-giving to Josephine Lau, I.e. Never too expensive and no brands, please! I’d much rather save the money for experiential dinners or events that will allow me to spend quality time with my hubby.

And Willie knew just how to do that with his surprise dinner at Gastro Park.

It was the most amazing meal we’ve had in a long time – the 7 course degustation. The waitstaff was very attentive and knew exactly what a pregnant woman could not eat and offered alternatives to those dishes, even on the degustation menu.

Dinner was served over 3.5 hours. If anything, that was the only comment I would have. The pacing of courses was a little mismanaged. It seemed like the kitchen was understaffed or under pressure. For a $250 per head meal, I had higher expectations with the pacing and, perhaps, a friendly apology from the waitstaff on the long wait. But Willie and I took this opportunity to enjoy a long, romantic dinner. I mean, it’s not often we get to stare into each other’s eyes for 3.5 hours without any distraction, accompanied by great food and wine (for Willie).

What an amazing evening. Thank you, Willie, my beloved hubby for all your Faith, Hope and Love throughout all these years. You are an amazing man and I can only look forward to many more of these anniversaries to come.