The Ultimate Healer | Holy Yoga

As my Holy Yoga students will know, this week has been a little challenging for me to speak/preach during class as a result of a canker sore that has grown in size right on the tip of my tongue. God does great things though. He gives me wonderful students and friends who pray for healing and by His grace, I manage to teach through the pain. It gives me true joy to live out the Word and give Him praise while teaching yoga.

“However I am physically bound, I still look up to YOU, Lord. In You, I find freedom“.

Thank you to all my students for your grace and love for me. Thank you for coming to class even though some classes are not as ‘fun’ as others. Thank you for just being a part of this journey. May God continue to bless you all and bring salvation to ALL one day.

Open  Side Angle Bound

Open Side Angle Bound

Small Changes, Big Effects | Being Grateful on a New Level

2015-09-29-1443535575-2767534-photo1430165558479de3cf8cf1478One of my Holy Yoga sisters shared this article on our Facebook group.  The author, Julie Cantrell, is one of the best-selling authors for the NY Times and also Holy Yogi!

On most days, I feel like the author of this article before she made the shift in perspective.  How liberating is it that just a small change in perspective brings so much joy and gratitude.  All this undeserving, unmerited grace I am given by our Father above and yet all these complaints about life.  Disgraceful…. But I’m not going to beat myself up because I know it’s all about the learning and the journey.

I am just thankful that I GET to have this new perspective… Thank you, Lord, for everything you let me GET to do.

The best 3 minute read  this year –

So, I made a change.

I replaced one four-letter word with a three-letter word, and everything came back to good. That’s all it took. The shift of one teensy-weensy little word. And voila! My once shriveling soul was smiling again. And still is.

Now, instead of saying, I HAVE to do x, y, z… I say I GET to do x, y, z.

Do You Take Rest Seriously? | Holy Yoga

“Today, I choose REST.”
The focus for my Holy Yoga class today was inspired by a blog post from Holy Yoga founder, Brooke Boon, earlier this year. 

“By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work.” -Genesis 2:2-3 (NIV)

I never took rest seriously. In fact, I never realised how rest is a command and blessing, which is also a reflection of my faith in God. The fact that I am able to surrender it all to Him and trust in Him to take control over things, that I do not have to use my own ability to work every second of my life to make things work. Even our almighty God rested after He created the earth.

In class today, I spoke briefly about Jesus sleeping through the storm on the boat while his disciples worried. How can Jesus sleep through the storm and wind? Was it not faith and trust? Does it add single hour to our life if we do not rest? In fact, possibly the opposite. 

Do you take rest seriously? In this day and age, with technology signals ringing every minute and every where, it takes conscious effort to REST. 

Thank you to those who came to class today. You were all called to REST. My God bless you with stronger signals than the digital devices to call you when you need rest. May you all listen to Him and take time to REST… Because we know that in Him we trust.  

Don’t Be the Social and Search Homewrecker | Efficient Media

Thank you Marin for co-hosting this event with Facebook and inviting us to a fun afternoon.  I LOVE WORKING IN DIGITAL. DO YOU?

 There is a reason why I simply cannot part from this digital world, even if I have tried in the past.  Fun, parties and cool offices aside, it is the fascination and fluid nature of it that I love most. It is ever-changing.


So, what did we learn today? I few stats I want to share here with business owners or marketers:

  1. By running search and social ads together through the same ad platform, such as Marin, revenue per conversion increases by 68%.  (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  2. Revenue per click increases by 26%. (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  3. Marketers that run social and search together experience higher Facebook ad  click through rates.(Source: Marin Software’s The Performance Marketer’s Retargeting Guide, October 2014)


Search and Social are now a married couple.  And they LOVE to be happily married.  Please don’t separate them.  They are no longer good when working  in silos.  So, a few tips:

  1. Make the step change and decision to have a combined ‘social and search’ strategy, which entails integrated strategy planning, execution, measurement and analysis of the two TOGETHER.
  2. For small businesses, get one agency to manage the both. For whatever reason you want separate agencies to work collectively and share synergies with one another, the truth is that THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.    You can try but I suspect the success rate is very low!  My experience working on the client side is that you end up doing the data crunching and analysis in-house.  Larger corporates are a different story. They can afford the manpower to have them operate as silos and frankly, to get through the politics of managing the two together can so painful it’s not worth the “integration” fight or it continues to be an “integration” fight.    However, if you’re a small business, the ONE agency rule applies.  Don’t be the cause of divorce between the social and search marketing.
  3. It’s no secret that Google has made social and SEO an inseparable couple, ranking organic listings based on relevant content and a whole load of social signal factors (e.g. reviews, social referrals etc).  This has come a long way since days of just ‘keyword optimisation’ , ‘robot. txt file’ or the more mature ‘site architecture’ if you would.  So, knowing what makes for a good social execution will impact your website ranking on Google.  Better be present on those social platforms that your customers are mingling around and talking about your business/brand.
  4. Organic social or paid social?  BOTH.  By using technology (e.g. Marin) and engaging in good data mining, you will reap the benefits of social and search advertising synergies.  You can more effectively re-target your social ads to those who have shown interest through their search keywords.  See stats above.

It can get complex and complicated but far too often, we see that just focussing on ONE key win will see positive impacts on the numbers that really matter for your business. That’s what we’re about at Efficient Media. It’s not the grand plan that takes YEARS to get implemented.  It’s about identifying quick wins that are affordable for businesses to see results, whether this is bringing back key wins to the CMO/CEO or for your bakery store, that’s what we pride ourselves in.

We like to use English in our communications, not the jargon that you have to learn.  Talk to us.  Contact us here or call +612 8007 5774.

Noah | 1 Year Old

My baby is ONE! In a blink of an eye….

People often think that Noah is my favourite and if you’re judging from the 1st year birthday party I threw him, that may seem the case. On thinking about it, it is a combination of various things.

Firstly, this time round, I’ve learnt well from the renowned ‘Last Time’ poem. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, read it here. If you have kids older than 5 and have given you all their ‘last times’ mentioned in that poem, you will know why I seem to cherish my time with Noah without reading any further.  For those who are new mums or have no idea what poem I am referring to, it basically reminds you that there are only so many times that your child will depend on you before they become their own person. And by then, you will have wished that you could keep them relying on you forever. So, I’ve learnt not to wish my baby’s life away, wishing he could sleep through the night quicker, wishing he would crawl, wishing he would walk soon, wishing he would stop crying. For I know, that day will come and I won’t even realise that it was the last time he cried, the last time he needed a nappy change, the last time he will give me an innocent kiss on the lips and run to me crying when he’s fallen down.

I’m very blessed that the big age gap between my older and younger one is so big that I can take all these learnings.

So, with that in mind, I have learnt to enjoy every moment I can with my baby Noah. Perhaps to the point of compromising discipline and routine over the cherished moments to hold him in my arms.

Secondly, it’s a maturity thing. I’m now a far more mature woman than I was 6 years ago. Organising a party in the midst of a million other things in life is just a manageable elevation of stress. This contrasts to 6 years ago when stress tolerance index was that bit lower.

Thirdly, I’m in a different season of life.  I’m in a good place physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. I’m no longer in a high-stress corporate role, which frees up the emotional and physical energy for me to spend time with Noah and organise great parties! Spiritually, I have found Joy and Peace through my revived and restored connection with Christ.

All of the above has enabled me to throw an amazing party, together with the help of Noah’s nanny catering for 80 people! Praise God for the celebration and gathering of good friends. It was an amazing day and I’m so thankful to all who came and shared their time with us. I may not have had a deep and meaningful conversation with everyone but just the vibe of having all of my dearest present at the party meant the world to me. Thank you, dear friends and family!


So, as per my usual posts, below is a capture of Noah’s 1 year old development:

  1. He’s learnt the “ET phone home”, sticking index finger out to touch yours
  2. Bye bye waving when you leave
  3. Clapping hands to ‘yippee’ (in Chinese: “ho yeh!”)
  4. Took his first few steps
  5. He’s on textured solids, such a rice and beef mince!
  6. Understands what ‘no’ means, although it doesn’t mean necessarily responds well to it! (That’s how I know he knows what it means!)
  7. Knows his name
  8. He’s close to growing out of his “Baby Jail”. Obviously with his increased movement, restricted area is no fun even when he’s drowned in toys.

Until next year, baby! We love you.

Dealing with Frustration in Ministry Work | Holy Yoga

Let every preacher take note: Amid the frustrations and hardships of ministry, the most Christ-like thing is to stay focused on your calling, give thanks to God, and go on preaching the Gospel.”  ~ Joel Beeke

11053186_158476034495588_1055598166441986455_nNehemiah no doubt faced many long nights filled with the temptation to quit. Sometimes the calling God has placed on us seems far too costly. But the absolute best thing we can do is keep our eyes fixed on Jesus with grateful hearts. So let us join together today in praising His Name, wherever we each may be in this life of doing ministry for Jesus.

Thank you, Holy Yoga Ministries, for supporting us Holy Yoga Instructors every step of the way.

A Christian’s View on Politics & Current Affairs | Australian Prime Minister

Screenshot 2015-09-15 18.00.53We are often asked whether or not, in Christian discourse, we tackle worldly issues. From time to time, there is a misinterpretation that our theology leaves no room to deal with the issues of today. And this is commonly mistaken for apathy or worse, self righteous judgement. We can tell you unequivocally that there is a place and a perspective, a keen awareness of politics, war, social and societal issues.

The overarching perspective is two fold. The first is that every path is designed by Him. The second is that love, as embodied by Christ, is the fundamental lens with which everything is viewed.

It’s a timely topic given the political upheaval of the past 24 hours in Australia. Paul writes explicitly about this in Romans 13:1-7. It is God appointment which allowed for Tony Abbot to be our Prime Minister. It is also by God appointment that Malcolm Turnbull is , today, our new leader.

We ask that you join us in prayer. Asking for our leaders, both past and present, to be blessed with wisdom, strength, humility and clarity. We pray that the new PM will build and execute his game-plan with Servitude at the centre of his philosophy. We pray that his vision will be shaped with grace and we pray that those surrounding our new leader will be encouraged and filled with confidence to help those most in need.

We pray that in these times, this thought will prevail:

“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;” ~ Philippians 2:3