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Noah | 6 months old

In a blink of an eye, my little Michelin baby is on solids. He is no longer a newborn. He is a properly interacting human who knows the demands of survival and wants. 

This spoilt baby needs to be coddled. A lot. Well, is ‘need’ quite the right word to use? I’m not sure but he has certainly developed the ‘want’ to be coddled. This includes any time he is bored in his waking hours, he is hungry, he is tired and he is startled and stirring from his sleep. In short, he is high maintenance. 

Many would argue it is personality. And from the outlook, it may seem the case. However, as an avid believer and practitioner of military parenting, I believe we have just loosened our training with this one. We have simply just succumbed to every beckoning call of this Por Chop. We have given him his way. Whether we want to admit or not, we have spoilt him. No wonder he has no ability to keep himself entertained. No wonder he has lost the ability to self-settle. 

Why have we been so lenient with this one as compared with his older brother? Because we’ve realised how quickly this time will pass. We followed all the rules of the parenting books we read with Seth. And did it work? 

Sure, it did. In fact, it worked wonders. 

But no one mentioned that not only do you need a heart of steel, you will look back and only remember how your baby was left to cry in his cot to learn to self settle. You won’t really have any fond memories of smothering him with kisses and squeezing his fat thighs and holding him in his arms until he is so deep in his sleep that his mouth is open with drool dripping onto your arms. 

This time round, I didn’t want to miss out. I was not plagued with the fear of him not learning how to self-settle. Not to say that the thought of co-sleeping doesn’t give me the shivers. But the memories and the need to cherish these previous moments trumps all requirements to produce a disciplined child.

Surely, the older one will be able to teach the younger one when he grows up. No?

For now, that’s the idea anyways….

Happy 6 months, Noah!

So, what are the milestone achievements and what’s new this past month:

1. Started on home-made purées .  To alleviate the constipation problem Noah has, I have been purée-ing papaya in my Nutribullet and feeding him at 10.30am every day (between his 1st and 2nd) bottle feed. It has worked wonders. The poor boy has had bad spouts of constipation since being completely weaned onto formula. It could well be the Bellamy’s Organic formula causing this. We have persisted through for 2 months now to see if it was just a breastmilk-to-formula adjustment. Clearly it’s not. So, while the papaya is a good solution for extra fibre, I’m thinking of moving him to S26 Gold after this tin of formula is finished. His older brother never had this issue and he was on S26. Let’s see… More updates on the 7 month post.  

2. He started on juices. Yes, that is freshly squeezed and hand-strained, pulp-free orange juice. Thank goodness Navel oranges are in season. 

3. New nanny, caretaker – Miss K. Miss K is in love with Noah and I think vice versa. Miss K comes every weekday mornings to help with Noah and the general running of the household. Not only does this give me time to go back to work, it means I have extra bandwidth to spend more quality time with the boys and having a clean house. I am starting to think I should have married Miss K!  

4. Swimming with the neck floatie in the bathtub. This has become one of Noah’s favourite activities and frankly, mine too. It means that when Noah cannot settle himself at 12 midnight and I just need a break from holding a screaming baby in my arms, I can pop him into the bath with his neck floatie while I sit next to the bathtub with my phone and scroll through Instagram! A life saver (literally) for me! Check these neck floaties out! I know there has been a lot of controversy around them and whether they are safe etc. Personally, I think if your baby loves it and you are keeping an eye on him/her, it’s not different to putting him/her into a rocker! Sometimes desperate means calls for desperate measures.     

Mum loves you too much for your own good, Pork Chop!



Seth’s 6th Birthday | Chipmunks Playtown

I can’t believe it. 6 years already… Only moments ago, he was still squirming inside my oversized belly.  Only moments ago, I was making a Tiramisu for his 1st birthday.  Only moments ago, he started Kindy and went to school with his massive school bag. 

He’s turning 6. In a blink of an eye…..

As usual, it was last minute. But that’s my style. It always works out in the end. Son, you are so blessed. I hope you continue to have so many friends to invite to your party. 

I hope you had fun! Thank you Krissy for making it relatively easy. Thank you, Cristina for the amazing cake.  Thank you everyone who came to make it such a special day for Seth.

Reasons For Being Fit |Inspiration from FitizenOfInsanity

Inspired by fellow blogger, M, and her wonderful blog about her fitness journey, I decided to do the same.  Thank you, M from @FitizenOfInsanity , for your inspiration. 

I asked myself to dig deep and answer the question, ‘Why do I want to be fit?’ Is it purely for health reasons?  Or vanity?  Or setting a role model for my children? Or do I want to be inspiring other women?  The deeper I dug, the more uncomfortable I realised I started to feel.  Because I simply did not have a concrete answer!

I think it’s a mix of a few key things.  Some of which are for the wider benefits of staying healthy for longevity.  Some of which is for vanity (I mean, who doesn’t want to be ‘that hot mum’?, if I had to be really truthful.)   So, here’s my utterly honest list of reasons: 

 1.  VANITY 

I care about the way I look.  A LOT.  And that has started from a young age and whether my mother likes to hear it or not, she heavily shaped me in this regard.  “Don’t eat chocolate, baby.  It’s fat.”  (No, not that there is ‘too much sugar’.  It is just, ‘Fat’)  So, staying fit for me is a means to be able to live up to that social definition of ‘beauty’.  I admit it. 


Driven largely by point 1, over the years, I have conditioned myself that staying fit and healthy is a discipline and a constant achievement.  And for those who understand what I mean, you know it requires effort.  For me, being able to achieve that and live up to that standard is rewarding.  It makes me feel good.


Further to point 2, most would have to agree that staying fit requires dedication that, frankly, not every one can (or afford) to do.  And yes, when you can do it, it comes with a lot of applause.  I enjoy being applauded and the compliments.  Sometimes, even taking it so far as to setting myself goals and hanging them out on social media for the world to see so I cannot back down on my commitments; so that I cannot accept defeat. 


Notice how this is not point 1 when really it should be?  Now you know how screwed up my priorities are.  I figure, if I fess up to it, it will give me a chance to change my focus.  How can you change or improve if you can’t self-reflect? 


Ok, this is a boring one.  But it’s true and should definitely sit higher on the list.   I exercise and eat well for mental and physical strength.  I am a mother of two and being able to carry my baby around and live a busy lifestyle, having strength is like oxygen to your lungs.  It is a must.  And exercising allows me to challenge my mental strength.  Think “Ok, one more burpee…just one more…and I’m done!” 


Just to elaborate more on point 5, it is for the mental challenge and discipline. 


The same way my mother heavily shaped and influenced by ideas of what was healthy or not, I want to bring out all the positives of healthy living and fitness, and make a difference to my children’s lives.

8.  Just because…I LOVE IT 

Ok, I may not enjoy the actual process of circuit and resistance training as much as I do the results (Kayla, I’m sorry to say this). But hey, yoga?   I love it…just because.. I DO.  The same way you can’t articulate why you love your man. 

 So there.  I’ve opened my heart out.   There are some priorities I need to shuffle around, I know.  And 2015 is the year for it.

As part of achieving my fitness goals this year, here’s some motivation from Carrie Green, Founder of Female Entreprenuer Association.


Mum & Dad’s Wedding Anniversary | Rengaya Japanese Restaurant

It was 5 years ago since we threw a big bash at our dear Auntie Kat’s house to celebrate my mum and dad’s 30th wedding anniversary. 5 years on, time just went by like that. In a mere space of 5 years, mum and dad gave 2 additional grandchildren and a married son. 

Their marriage, be it the happiness or the broken bits, have taught James and I much. We both look up to them as our role models for our marriages. Whether this is learning how to create a beautiful marriage, how to endure the tough times or how to avoid the mistakes that they made as a couple… My mum and dad have taught us the real meaning of a marriage – the commitment that God had intended marriage of man and woman to be. 

For that, I am truly thankful. How rewarding it is to celebrate 35 years of partnership, companionship, romance and the occasional enemies! 

This year, instead of having all spouses join us, we had a lovely ‘Lau’ dinner to celebrate with mum and dad at Rengaya Japanese. We ate so much and mum was swept off her feet with dad’s thoughtful gifts for her. 

She said, “Wow, it took him 35 years but he has learnt!”

Dad did well.  Hand-painted a canvas for my mother and bought her a bunch of roses. Even refused to get a bunch from Coles. How cute is he? 

Love you both and so glad to have you two. God has blessed me, bless us, blessed our families. 

Modern Parenting Crisis | Huffpost

I know this article will bring a flood load of controversial comments, opening a can of worms, Pandora’s box and scrutiny of all sorts. However, I cannot agree more with this.

It was shared by a good friend of mine, a family counsellor with 3 healthy and successful sons. I can only imagine he has done something right in parenting.

In fact, more and more, it frustrates me to hear fellow mums blaming their kids for their behaviour, their ‘husband’s bad genes’ , processed foods, teachers at daycare, school, “oh, the grandparents!”… Or even, “be glad you don’t have a girl…” (Coz sons just miraculously behave!)…. Preposterous!

Hardly ever… EVER, do the parents ever blame themselves and realise that it’s their parenting style or (lack of) responsibility over the well-being (physical and mental) of our future generations that come to their minds.

Yes, it frustrates me. And I’m here to lay it out.

I don’t debate nor disagree that I run a relatively strict, disciplined household. But it is no where near what you would call the ‘traditional Asian’ household. Believe me. Coz I grew up in those settings.

However, I try to construct a framework whereby my son(s) understand the importance of following rules and guidelines, display respect for others, develop patience… Call me old-fashioned.

All of these are to build a foundation for him to withstand the inevitable stormy days he will have to weather in some points during his life-long journey in this world.

Curious? Please read. And happy to hear comments.
Parenting Crisis Article

CNY | Year of the Sheep/Goat

Goat? Sheep? Ram? Whatever it is, wishing you all a prosperous year ahead with lots of joy and great health.

This year, instead of the full blown extended family dinner at Auntie Kat’s, my mother decided to host a little dinner party at her house. As usual, there was abundance of food supply!

Asian Aunties… Will they ever have enough dishes and food??

Feeling blessed that the families are all healthy and can dine together on the same time.