Noah | Week 9

Has he grown! Weighing in at 5.85kg (0.6kg heavier than his older brother at the same age), Noah is in the 50th percentile in weight but only 15th percentile in height, making him a truly chubby baby. I thought that they say when he you exclusively breastfeed, they don’t put on as much weight as formula-fed babies. I wonder what Noah would have been like if I had continued on the mixed feeding or even completely formula-fed him. Maybe he would be obese!! Haha..

All jokes aside, at his 8 week checkup, the nurses have found that his head is a bit lopsided, meaning that one side of his neck muscles are very tight, causing him to prefer to turn to one side and not the other; essentially losing the turning range to the his right side, resulting in a flat head on his left. Poor baby… He already looks alien-like with his elongated head but also having an unsymmetrical head…. I hope he doesn’t go bald when he grows up with that head shape.

Dad and Willie has been away for 2.5 weeks now, leaving it between me and my mother to juggle between school drop offs for Seth, feeding both children, managing this household and making sure both of the kids make it to their (medical/after-school sports) activities. Funnily enough, it has been quite calm and relaxing without the men around. We’ve largely been able to manage. Even when it comes to catching possums in the house!!

Told you! In this day and age, who needs men? LOL* But we are glad that they are back this week….we do miss our hubbies, after all.

Mum and I are really enjoying Noah! He’s now confidently sleeping 6-7 hours, which allows me to keep up with my workout regiment and get on with my jam-packed days.

Breastfeeding, expressing, guilt, frustration…

The last thing worth mentioning is that I am totally over this breastfeeding business. I guess it doesn’t help that I exclusively express and bottle-feed. On one hand, it’s easier that I can get someone else to feed the bottle (if there are people around to help!) and if not, it’s twice the amount of time to express and then feed and then deal with dirty bottles. Sure, this has helped Noah get into a routine but it absolutely kills me and my days, having to lose 5 hours (in total) a day for this expressing business. I have now set myself a date of 21st December to start weaning. That will be the 3 month mark and by the time I keep dropping feeds, Noah will be off breastmilk altogether by 6 months. I’m truly torn on this one. I wonder if there are any mums out there who have felt guilty… Keen to hear from them…



Noah | Week 8

My baby Noah has started to interact a little with us. He has learnt to smile and chuckle when you play with him. It’s not the type where you think it’s a smile and you try hard to make him it do it again. It is genuinely a response to your interaction. He has also started coo-ing in response to your playing.

This boy is very playful yet very gentle.  He’s still only sleeping 5-6 hours so he hasn’t stretched out to the desired 6-7 hours yet, but he is a lot more settled.  And very easy to settle.  I’m now able to just put him down in his cot and he will stare and make some noises before he settles himself to sleep.

Willie continues to be away this week.  He’s back next week to help (or add more to my chores! Depends on whether you’re a glass half full or glass half empty person….).

Either ways, I’m feeling very blessed.







Controversial Debate on Gender Selection | Confessions from a Mother of Two Boys

I know, I know… It is simply rude or even ungrateful for us fertile mums to be wishing for a certain gender of baby that we would like to have. But hey, let me keep it real here. Alright?

I’m not trying to be insensitive but don’t tell me that those women who find out later in their lives that they have fertility issues did not once, as young girls, tell their friends whether they wanted a girl or a boy? Surely, as teenagers, you discussed this subject with your friends, without much thought of course. I remember saying, “I’ll only have one kid. And I want it to be a boy coz girls are just a pain in the butt. Look at me and my mum! We butt heads like there’s no tomorrow!”

Ok… Over time, my perspective on this changed and then I wanted one boy and one girl, because I soon realised I wanted someone to wipe my butt for me when, or if, I’m 80. And I wanted that to be my daughter, not my son.

So, while I completely understand and empathise with women who could only wish for a healthy child, I also think it is completely natural for us to ‘wish’ and ‘hope’.

No whether I would go as far as paying for the gender selection is definitely controversial. I would tend to say, ‘let God work His miracles’ and keep it at that. But yea, I totally can see why people would do it.

Read more about similar mums to boys here

Ms Banzato’s 60th Birthday | Mowbray Public School

I don’t ever remember my parents being so close knit with my school teachers. Not sure if it’s a cultural thing (coz my folks are Asian and they just can’t really do that ‘mingle’ with other cultures thing) or just simply coz back in the day, parents were too busy making money. Perhaps, technology has a role to play in this as well. Gone are those days of paper newsletters and notices that get lost in children’s school bag. Come the 10-emails-a-day you get from the school teacher, principal, class parent, sports teacher, P&C….

On one hand, technology has helped us streamline communications. On the other hand, it is information overload and there is simply no excuse not to know of the school’s happenings.

Personally, I love it. I love the tight relationships I have with the school community, be it parents or teachers. Again, it’s probably a manifestation from the lack of what I longed for when I was a child and my desire to give my child(ren) what I didn’t have. Over compensation, as my hubby describes it.

You could also take the approach that my hubby does – Auto file the emails from school.

I love it so much that I would go in to surprise the teacher’s 60th with her. Needless to say, though, she is one amazing teacher.




Noah | Week 7

This week hasn’t seen anything new from Noah, apart from his smiles becoming a bit more defined and frequent. I can tell he is starting to become more alert and that he is trying to communicate a little.

I’m now a little more familiar with his needs and wants and can differentiate between the two. Like when he really needs a feed and when he’s just whinging for a cuddle.

He still hasn’t yet stretched out his sleep to 6 hours consistently, which I had hoped for. It could be the fact that I dropped the formula feed at night and went back to exclusively bottle feeding him breastmilk. Or he could just be a normal baby who will wake every 4-5 hours at 7 weeks. I just have to stop comparing him with his angelic older brother who started sleeping through 7-8 hours at the same age and whom I’ve never heard a cry from.
All babies are different, I suppose.

That’s not to say that this week is without progress and achievements. I always like to make sure I am acknowledging progress each week. Any progress is progress. And I need to remind myself of it because, otherwise, being a stay-at-home mother with a traveller husband (Yup, hubby away again for coming 2.5 weeks.) becomes very mundane.

Since last week, I have been gearing up for his absence as I know I would have quite a bit more on my plate to manage. (Not that he helps much around the house but even simple things, like give my older one a shower and occasionally helping with his reading, make a difference.)

So, after this long-winded description, it leads to this week’s big win for me. That is, I managed to sleep through MYSELF! Yes, you heard right! I have managed to sleep through 6 hours without having to wake up to engorged, sore boobs every 4 hours screaming “pump me”! Now, that, is a huge achievement for me.

Not to mention that I totally need to be sleeping 6-7 hours through the night consecutively to be able to effectively start my Kayla Itsines 12week Bikini Body Challenge.






Superfoods, Raw Foods & Smoothies | The NutriBullet

After 4 months, I finally unboxed my birthday gift from my Darling Husband. I’ve been holding off opening this gift, as I was feeling sluggish and crap in the last 3 months of pregnancy and I didn’t want to spoil the experience. I then had to sit through 1 month of postpartum confinement whereby all I could eat were traditional Chinese ‘warm’ foods, i.e. No raw and cold foods.

This week I’m super excited that I get to go back to my superfoods and healthy living. already loving this NutriBullet. I can’t wait to try out different recipes!

Also started #KaylaItsines #BBG challenge. Feeling great 6 weeks postpartum.

Thanking my mum and dad for looking after me and the fam.
Thanking Dear Hubby for putting together my training schedule and your support.
Thanking our Heavenly Father almighty for all Your blessings.
#feelingthankful #countyourblessings #healthyliving #rawfoods #berrysmoothie