Beautiful Song on Motherhood | Christian Living

And this is a beautiful song that my hubby sent to me after he saw me fatigued and teary-eyed while doing a night feed. He said that he opened Pandora and God wanted him to send me these words of encouragement. That just put more tears in my eyes….

A Mother’s Prayer

Before you close your eyes to sleep
I have a promise still to keep
As I hold you in my arms.
I pray your little frame grows strong
And that faith takes hold while you are young;
This is my prayer for you.

Hold my hand;
I’ll teach you the Way to go.
Through the joys, through the tears,
The journey of these years,
May you trust Him ‘til the end.
May you trust Him in the end.

This world is not as it should be,
But the Savior opens eyes to see
All that’s beautiful and true.
Oh may His light fill all you are
And the jewel of wisdom crown your heart;
This is my prayer for you.

Hold my hand;
I’ll teach you the Way to go.
Through the joys, through the tears,
The journey of these years,
He is with us ‘til the end.
He is faithful ‘til the end.

You’ll travel where my arms won’t reach
As the road will rise to lead your feet
On a journey of your own.
May my mistakes not hinder you
But His grace remain and guide you through;
This is my prayer for you.

Take His hand
And go where He calls you to.
And whatever comes, seek Him
With all your heart;
This will be my prayer for you.
mmmm Father, hear my ceaseless prayer;
Oh keep them in your care.

Dún do shúil (Close Your Eyes)
Dún do shúil, a rún mo chroí
(Close your eyes, oh love of my heart)
A chuid den tsaol, ‘s a ghrá liom
(My worldly joy, my treasure)
Dún do shúil, a rún mo chroí
(Close your eyes, oh love of my heart)
Agus gheobhair feirín amárach…
(And you will get a gift tomorrow)

Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Fionan de Barra; © 2012 Gettymusic and Fionan de Barra (adm. by

Who Doesn’t Want Boys? | Confessions of a Mother with Two Boys

A friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook post with the URL link below:

I read the first 3 lines of the article and nearly choked myself. I swear I’m suing the author for plagiarism. “She took those words straight out of my mouth!” I’m sure there would be gazillion similar claims from desperate mothers wanting baby girls.

Lately, everywhere I go, I seem to meet mothers with 2 or 3 boys. As if God is sending me His messengers, all these lovely ladies I meet were once obsessed with baby girls but no longer. Maybe it is our way of comforting ourselves for what we don’t have. And I’m not going to rule that out.

Nonetheless, these Queen Mothers have spoken so fondly of their joys of having a household full of boys. Just boys.


More and more, I am starting to relate. For starters, I am sure I will assume the status of Queen Mother. And so I deserve! Second of all, it means I just get promoted from my current status of Princess to Queen. (Isn’t that just the natural progression?) So there’s a nice, seamless transition there that I’m not going to complain about. Lastly, there will be no threat in this household to my throne. Ah, the joys!

So I may never get to hand down the box-full of ballerina dolls and baby pink good that I had saved over the years for my ‘imaginary baby girl’. But one day, maybe just one day, I will have a granddaughter who will love Nanna’s toys.

Noah | Week 5

Weighing in at 4.65kg, Noah is at 50th percentile on the growth chart although he looks much bigger than that – all because he has a huge head, just like his father.

This week has been much better in terms of tranquility for the family. At least no one is dying in hospital!

It is also the first week I can say I feel truly adjusted to the sleep deprivation.

We took more visitors this week and enjoyed a lovely get together with Aunties and Uncles who showered spoilt Noah with gifts. IMG_1670.JPG


In true Chinese style, we celebrated Noah’s full month milestone with a lobster dinner at Kam Fook in Chatswood. Mummy is so proud of you, little Noah and Seth for being such a proud brother! To many more years of celebrations with my boys.



My weight has dropped and although still 6-7kgs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I am feeling good about myself and how I look. My belly is no longer looking like I’m carrying a 6 month baby and my abdominal gap seems to be only 2 fingers wide. This is even smaller than pre-pregnancy, as far as I can remember! Last time, I’m pretty sure that even with the help of a personal trainer, I was left with a permanent 3 finger gap.



Although breaking confinement rules of not staying indoors for a full month, having eaten the right foods, blow drying my hair after washing it (and frankly, just washing it less) has made a huge difference, I feel. So, for those who doubt the tradition, I say, “Just do it. There is no harm done!”

I can’t wait to resume my yoga practise. Another week and a half to go…. Until then, Noah, please sleep through!

Noah | Week 4

Just when we thought we had got everything down padded, with Willie helping with the night feeds, this week saw a turn of events. Willie had only just helped with one night on Sunday and on Monday, he was admitted into hospital. I’ll leave the hospital episode for another post ( because it is worth a post in itself!) but it meant that I was alone again with the night feeds until Willie had recovered.

So, Noah was back on the boob for night feeds. The schedule has remained relatively the same and I was starting to truly feel adjusted to this new rhythm.

As I continue to break confinement rules, life has also seemed to resume some normality, with me heading out to Chatswood every day to carry out normal errands and even fit in beauty treatments.

All I can say is that week 4 is a contrasting mix of whimsey, routine and settling into a life of a mother of two!





Noah | Week 3

This week hasn’t changed too much from the last but has seen Noah step into a more rigid routine with his feeding times, which has been a relief for both Willie and I. I have been doing most of the heavy lifting and night feeds this week. And man, is it taxing on the body!

This week, I decided to introduce formula once a day – on the 11pm night feed, to be precise. My little monster will take 180mL of milk in one go. (We figured it out from me expressing breastmilk into a bottle.) I simply do not have that supply. I blame it on the small boobs even though I know it has nothing to do with the size of your breasts. Either ways, it made sense for me to express that night feed while he feeds on formula so that I can use the expressed breastmilk to top up all the other feeds. It also works as a double whammy as I get help with that night feed from hubby while I express. And because it takes half the time to express, it means I win back 20-30 minutes of my almost-beauty sleep. Ok, sure there is an extra bottle to wash but washing that extra bottle is just an extra 5 minutes. So, I do think this plan works really well.

Noah is a little monster… At 3 weeks old, he looks as big as 2 month old babies. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating but people on the streets do get a shock when I tell them that he’s fresh from the oven (3 weeks only). The looks and questions I get are, “Wow! How big did he come out?”

That’s the update for now. I can’t wait till he sleeps through the night. I can’t wait till I can resume a bit more of a normal life. I can’t wait till I can work out so I feel more energised. I can’t wait lose this baby weight.

All this “I can’t wait…”, aren’t I better off just enjoying the moment and living in the present? Gosh, I miss my yoga practise to bring me back to ‘the present’!









Tradition Chinese Postpartum Confinement or Sashimi? | Masuya

I managed to survive 9 months of sashimi deprivation but can’t manage one month of post-natal confinement*.

It was the first time the itty-bitty family got together and had dinner without my parents. Two week old Noah put on his best behaviour and slept throughout the three hour dinner at Masuya while we all enjoyed a wonderful meal; me especially!

You know that feeling when you’re very sleep deprived, and you finally get one night of really good sleep and you wake feeling totally freshened up? Well, having sashimi after nine months of deprivation feels just like that, let me tell you. (Now I’m just waiting for that analogy to come true too!)


*Traditional Chinese confinement [The following has not been vetted by a professional Chinese medical practitioner. It is my own interpretation gathered from my network of Aunties, Chinese midwives, grannies and my mother. Reference reading only...] – Still widely practised in Asian culture, particularly amongst the Chinese, postpartum women are to stay home for at least 30 days following practices that align with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theories to help the new mother recover and avoid long-term damage to the woman’s health. The new mother is to stay indoors to avoid external winds that may expose her head and body the ‘cold’ element (one of the elements of the 5 in TCM). This follows the theory that after birth your ligaments and joints are still very loose (from the relaxant that pregnancy produces) and if the ‘cold’ gets between them, once the ligaments start coming back together the ‘cold’ gets trapped between them and the woman will be forever haunted with arthritis and headaches for the rest of her life. The new mother’s body is also deemed to be weak and ‘cold’, postpartum, so various broths and tonics will be prepared by the new mother’s mother-in-law or mother to help her restore the heat in her body. These broths and tonics include fish maw soup, pig trotters in black vinegar and ginger-infused dishes. Some even go as far as not taking showers to avoid the ‘cold’ and ‘wind’ getting trapped under their scalp! And the list of traditional practices go on…

Personally, I could not stay in for the full 30 days although I have been drinking and eating the right foods. I don’t know how some women do it. It will bore the nuggets out of me!

Here are a few pics of the Pig Trotters, Ginger in Black Vinegar my mum has been making for me.. Attractive, huh? I assure you it tastes far better than it looks.