Willie’s Birthday | Hurricane’s Grill & Office Cake Surprise

Simplicity delivers the greatest happiness.

Despite wishing that Noah would be born on the same day as Willie’s birthday, much to Willie’s delight, Noah decided to stay put in my belly!

My parents, Seth and I decided to surprise Willie at his office with 2 birthday cakes.


Dinner followed at Hurricane’s.  It was a simple day but I think simplicity delivers the greatest happiness!


6th Wedding Anniversary | Gastro Park

Another beautiful wedding anniversary celebration for Willie and I this year. Praise The Lord, for delivering us such happiness!

It’s our 6th year anniversary and each year, we seem to be more in love. I know it sounds sappy but if you knew what the first few years of our (hellish) marriage was like, you’ll understand why I am so grateful for what we have right now.

As usual, my husband dearest showered me with a romantically, poetic card together with a couple of Pandora charms. It has taken him some years but he’s finally learnt the art of gift-giving to Josephine Lau, I.e. Never too expensive and no brands, please! I’d much rather save the money for experiential dinners or events that will allow me to spend quality time with my hubby.

And Willie knew just how to do that with his surprise dinner at Gastro Park.

It was the most amazing meal we’ve had in a long time – the 7 course degustation. The waitstaff was very attentive and knew exactly what a pregnant woman could not eat and offered alternatives to those dishes, even on the degustation menu.

Dinner was served over 3.5 hours. If anything, that was the only comment I would have. The pacing of courses was a little mismanaged. It seemed like the kitchen was understaffed or under pressure. For a $250 per head meal, I had higher expectations with the pacing and, perhaps, a friendly apology from the waitstaff on the long wait. But Willie and I took this opportunity to enjoy a long, romantic dinner. I mean, it’s not often we get to stare into each other’s eyes for 3.5 hours without any distraction, accompanied by great food and wine (for Willie).

What an amazing evening. Thank you, Willie, my beloved hubby for all your Faith, Hope and Love throughout all these years. You are an amazing man and I can only look forward to many more of these anniversaries to come.




Fathers Day 2014 | Mowbray Public a School

Today is the start of our annual ‘Fanniversday’ – the combination of Fathers Day, our wedding anniversary and Willie’s birthday.

(Like we can’t fit in any more celebrations in one weekend, if the baby in my belly decides to come out this week, I can’t even imagine how we can fit another celebration into the annual ‘Fanniversday’ weekend. Fingers crossed he’ll stay put until after this weekend…)

This year, Fanniversday celebrations starts with Fathers Day Breakfast at Seth’s school. Unlike Mothers Day, where the school hall was decked up with decorations and fancy pastries/cupcakes, Fathers Day was a sausage sizzle fiesta. Decorations, wha??? There were none. Just men in suits, looking like they were dragged to the event and dreading the squirt of tomato sauce will stain their suits. Most looked like they were there celebrating ‘Children’s Day’ for the kids than celebrating Fathers Day for themselves. Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration. I’m sure there were Dads who were very excited to be there, especially those of Kindergarten kids. I guess I’m just comparing the atmosphere with Mothers Day, where all the mums were in tears and mingling like proud cats; hanging around way past the finish time of the event. The dads were pretty much all gone before time was up! It probably makes sense if you put it in context as more dads would have to rush back to the office than mums.

Grandpa Lau seemed to have a reasonably good time. Well, I guess he was just happy that there was hot breakfast. And that’s exactly what Willie said, “Hey, all you need is a real sausage sizzle, bacon and egg rolls. Maybe beer as a suggestion for next year?”

I guess men are just that bit easier to please?

Happy Fathers Day, anyhow! More to come on our Fanniversday weekend.



Luxury cosmetics & practising ‘Ahimsa’

Jo Lau:

Finally, my search for Vegan/Animal Cruelty-free products is over! Thanks for the recommendation for Petit Vour – a brand which features a subscription box of sample goodies. Check ‘em out!

Originally posted on Yoga & Joyful Living:

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, you may have come across the concept of ‘ahimsa’. It means non-injury, but it goes beyond not causing harm to other human beings – it’s also about not consciously injuring any other sentient beings. For me, this also includes animals. I’m not completely vegan and I’d like to know where the hen lives that laid my breakfast egg, and where the cows graze who give milk for my cereals in the morning.

But more indirectly, it’s also possible to cause suffering when picking products from the supermarket shelf – particularly the cosmetics section can be a bit of a mine field. It’s usually possible to find basic items like cleansers, body wash and hair shampoo that’s labelled ‘cruelty-free’, but when it comes to decorative cosmetics things get tricky. Call me vain, but sometimes it’s just nice to put some make up…

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Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 36-37

As my hubby would say, “You’re now in the window!”

Yup, I am! And I can’t be happier that I’m so close to being able to pop.

I’m very proud that I’ve been able to work up till 37 weeks; 1 more week than my previous pregnancy. I’ve only put on half the weight that I did last time. I’m keeping up with yoga flow. Finally, I’m still able to book in pamper treatments and drag myself to the appointments! With my last pregnancy, I was a full time couch potato by around 30 weeks and doing nothing but eating and sleeping (working only mornings from home).

Obviously, at 37 weeks pregnant, everything is a chore. Even turning up to the lash extension appointment is. But I can’t be more pleased with all these treatments and the feeling of them all when you walk out of the salon feeling, ‘Oh so good (or, pretty!)’.

In this post, I want to thank Mijung Cha at Navilash for giving me these wonderful eyelash extensions. Mijung is just amazing. Not just at what she does but being able to take into account the needs of a pregnant woman, who can’t lie on her back for 1 hour. I was able to lie on my side and turn every now and then during the hour-long treatment but Mijung still did a flawless job. So for those looking for a pregnancy pamper treatment, I highly recommend this. I mean, who has time to put on mascara when you’re breastfeeding in the first week after the baby is born? These lashes last for 4-6 weeks, dependent on how you look after them, of course. That’s pretty awesome!