My Graduation Day

Filled with joy and tears, I nearly cried when the Chancellor and the Board progressed into the auditorium and seated themselves.  They were dressed so boldly, vibrant in colour, that they looked like flames that lit up the very dull lecture hall typically used for other purposes, otherwise.  I heard the organ music dancing in the air which, created a musk of pride, relief and joy.  Previously deafened by monotonous lecturers, blinded by their literature, and dumb from desperation to communicate in whispers, today I am awake from Oblivion.  I am no longer deaf as the sounds of clapping pierced through my ears; I am no longer blind as the flaming board of academics shone in my eyes; I am no longer dumb for the University of New South Wales has emplanted in me, a pride that I can no longer whisper.  A Day I Shall Not Forget.  Thank you.

The Flames…


When I awoke from Oblivion…




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