AAAAH……I did it!  My shop topped the state and I get $250 Myer voucher to use towards my furniture in the new home!  So exciting!!!  Fabian, I promise I’d share the love if we made it coz this good old buddy tried twice as hard to make our budget (yes we kicked it 220% to target)…AaaAAahhh…still not over it…Can’t wait to get the vouchers in my hands!


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  1. BABE!!!!! i remember that card!!! u know what…i had it in my purse forEVER until last year, someone stole my wallet. and i thought 1st) jojo’s card is in there, together with a sticky pic haha 2nd) shit, this wallet is my gift for college from my aunt…they never returned it. im so sad šŸ˜¦ but i love u, and the msg will be in my heart always.


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