I’m soo exhausted from work.  Anyone out there who is familiar with the media industry let me know if this is normal?  I’m on the verge of breaking down, but yet I sooo want to succeed. I’m so tired that any sort of partying is added stress on my physical health, but yet again, I love my partying….shit…I’m so lost.

My weekend was again very fruitful, thanks to my girlfriends.  Friday night was Amanda’s (and another friend’s) b-day.  The guys managed to get Amanda drunk in Gas.  (No offence, but Gas was a bit eerrrr….)  Hope you had a great time! Then, Saturday came with the most beautiful sunshine.  Dear Hazel couldn’t give up this opportunity to flash her legs in the sun…..so, she dragged me along.  And of course, I couldn’t resist doing the same.  So, the both of us dressed like high-school kids and went to the Chatswood Spring Fair.  I couldn’t handle clubbing anymore so I went coffee, at night, with Theresa, Kelly, Hazel, Isabelle and the bfs.  Had a good laugh, planned our activities for the upcoming weekends…and that was it.  Now, it’s Sunday.  The weather is just as beautiful, if not better, than yesterday.  But I’ve vowed to myself to stay home and have a quiet one before I die of exhaustion. 


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  1. haha… nicole and rachel kept on asking me if i knew u too and it was great to have met u in person.. finally!! gas that night was really kinda errr… i felt the same way too. well babe i shall see u around right? ah.. u know kelly theresa and isabelle too? i think i shall see u in the next coffee session then! tehehe. take care girla nd rest up!


  2. take care hunni! and i know you can do it! (esp now that the annoying fat GAY man has gone). so play hard and work hard. miss you like crazy* P.S. I saw skippy in my dreams AGAIN! lol


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