Who invented Christmas Parties to start like ONE WHOLE month before Christmas?

Seriously, been so tired… with the X’mas Parties list:

17th Nov –> DoubleClick and NineMSN (Preferred Doubleclick)

24th Nov –> Sensis (Liked the fact that everyone looked quite  “Bond”, apart from Starcom reps….embarrassing!)

2nd Dec –> Fairfax Digital X’Mas Lunch, Hutchison (Be I the Angel or the Devil?)

7th Dec –> Our very own Starcom one, with Leo Burnett (stressing over my Kris Kringle)

20th Dec –> Google (hey, that’s more like it, 5 days prior)

AND THEN 22nd Dec…off I am to Hong Kong.. YIPPEEE!!!

Well, yes Jo, stop complaining that you’re tired…..but yes, I am though!!!

Updated photos:
STARCOM X’MAS Party @ Custom’s house

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  1. You’ll have a good time in HK~~~ Not that I see any resting there wahahhaa….
    You’ll probably be partying real hard in Hk too right? Might see you at Fong

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