I’ve been missing my blog…

I can’t believe it.  For nearly two whole months, I haven’t been writing in here at all.  Firstly, my laptop’s in hospital due to a malfunction with its “cooling” problem – guess I’m not the only one who can’t keep a cool during stressful times.  Secondly, I’ve just been sooo lazy and busy.

A few things to note in in these past 2 months:

(1) I finally took my Google exam and passed with 87%.  So, I’m officially qualified advertising professional.  I’m soo proud of myself    

(2) Benson and I nearly bought an apartment in North Sydney, full with roof windows and everything we wanted…It was gorgeous, only things never happen the way you expect it to.


[edit] – photo pulled down

Isn’t it gorgeous? –  This whole exercise has just made me realise that life is always full of excitement.  You never know when you will be living your dream or when you’ll be dreaming in your life.

(3)  So much fun with the girls lately, specially Theresa.  Having known each other since more than 5 years ago, we’ve only developed such a close friendship lately, not to mention how she’s been so supportive lately.  I love you, babe….Thanks for cheering me up all the time.

Been out and about lately, partying every weekend that I can remember since Mardi Gras.  Never had my camera with me which reminds me…. I should  try and gather some from girls.  Honeys….when you can be bothered, please email me some photos…love you all!



3 thoughts on “I’ve been missing my blog…

  1. babe?? wut is the google test?? my god, i wana save up money and visit u. i have no idea wut u are doing and when it comes down to it!! u may be one of my most important people!! WOW.www…upadate me on life


  2. hey girl!! wow it feels like so long since ive caught up with u. this sickness of mine is so bad…wow u got ur google thing!!! congrats! im so happy for u!^.^ u have to tell me about everythin use done since like 3 wks back now. wow look at that apartment…when u told me it was nice i didnt think it was gonner be THAT nice!! thats gorgeous…well ill see u soon! or ill call u before then! miss you!-love julz


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