What are we doing this weekend?

My house price negotiating is not getting anywhere.  My man is not happy, neither am I.  After months and months of feeling like we were losing our passion to the point we nearly broke up over buying this home, we are now more than optimistic about our future.

But what now comes in our way?  The very substance that will haunt us forever – the hunger to live luxuriously, driven by monatery rewards.

I want to be successful, yet I feel so imcompetent.  I want to be happy, yet I’m so miserable.  I want to be rich, but I don’t know how.

Weekend’s coming up……let’s hope we can party again.


2 thoughts on “What are we doing this weekend?

  1. hey jo!! this is Rachel!! *wave wave*
    anyways, what made you two become more optimistic all of a sudden? you guys have been dating for 5 years, you guys should get married SOON!! haha


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