Last week was meant to be short, wasn’t it?  Well, for me, it seemed more like 2 weeks dragging on but somehow merged into one.  Or maybe, like I said before, these past long weekends have spoilt me… anyhow…

Friday was dinner at Masuya followed by an early night’s rest (with a rash – too much seafood, perhaps?).  Saturday was spent shopping again.  With a reason, this time – to attend a Sunday night charity function that my parent’s organised.  So, that wrapped up my weekend.

Monday was supposed to be skating night but I ended up staying in the office til even later than I would normally leave the skating rink – past 10pm that is.  Preparing for a presentation the following day, which in the end I didn’t really present.  “Keep it up, Jo…welcome to the world of advertising.”  I was probably more relieved anyways!

So, came Tuesday…a big night out with the whole Digital team nationwide.  I was appalled with my own ten-pin bowling skills.  I thought I remembered playing better at a younger age, but I must’ve been dreaming.  I was no good at all, but good enough to strike twice in three sets of games!   Ah well… The team spent the rest of the night at the Victoria Room (very cool place to chill,, where we joked about names and nonsense.

Coming week will be busy for me….in Melbourne next week….hope I won’t be too lonely….


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  1. JOJOJO!!! wut up wut up~?~? haha i was looking at those boots and was thinking, “why the hell would she want these boots in summer time?” however, i realized how it’d be getting cold in sydney!! =) suckerrrrss. kk just kidding. i was getting so sick of the cold weather in korea, and so am looking forward to a hot, hot summer!! anyhow, it seems like you’re having such a busy life..  yo man, that apt you were gonna get with benson in north sydney IS GORGEOUS. wow. that’s beautiful. ughhh wish my life was full of excitement too! gibe me something to look forward to JOJO!!


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