The past few weeks have been spent on family bonding  Unfortunately, not with my immediate family, but the four (or sometimes five) of us who have been spending sleepness weekends partying, lazing around talking about shit and just, somehow, unwilling to go home…

Daddy (Benson) and the four daughters, Jo, Hazel, Isabel and the rebel Amanda who sorta has her own life as well.. 

Somehow Daddy didn’t tell the three of us off for lying in his bed with him at 5a.m? Well, he just sorta huddled in a corner while Hazel, Isa and I took most part of bed, but I thought he looked pretty please! *LOL

Damn you happy people out there!


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  1. oh gosh did i miss out big time? i shud’ve been part of this whole ordeal. gosh we’re all having our own problemos aren’t me? life’s so sad sometimes.. oh wells, let’s all jsut look forward. can’t wait till all this shit’s over. we can go – ALL OUT -.


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