After a crazy dosage of the Socceroos  in the past week, I think everyone is now feeling the effects of the drug – extreme drowsiness!

In the city on Friday morning at around 8.30am – actually before that, I was on the train from Waverton to the City and of course, the view on the train ride across bridge diffused an aroma of  proud looks from all those passengers who took a detour from the traffic and stood up the cabbie drivers waiting outside everyone’s homes.  Myself inclusive…anyways…- back to the city, what a scene!

soccer ball flying aroundSoccer balls flying around…people honking their cars like they were suddenly struck with an epileptic fit and couldn’t control their wrist…. man, how I was totally blinded by green and yellow!

socceroos banner





businessmen runningWalking into Darling Park, I saw businessmen.  Correction, I saw zombies dressed in suits desperately seeking the quickest way to get caffeine into their system to survive.

honey and croissants




coffee and croissantsFinally, at the top level of Darling Park I reached my destination….Google  Australia.  The colours of their logo soothed my eyes a bit, not to mention the succulent breakfast…and my day had only started….



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