All About Julz…

This entry is entirely dedicated to a special friend.



One friend that doesn’t appear on my blog often because we don’t see each other that much or do crazy things together.  But she’s one of my truest friends and I feel that I can’t leave her out of a part off my life – my blog…

Sorry, I know this may be a crap photo of you…but what you’re doing there also meant heaps to me….


She’ll always be there to listen to me.
She has never failed on giving me advice.
But she’ll always let me go my own way and respect my decisions.
She’ll send me SMSes that remind that she’s still there to care, even if we hadn’t spoken in ages.

I don’t think I need to say more…I know she’ll be reading this and I just wanted to say, “Thanks Julz, I appreciate all you’ve done…I love you.”


3 thoughts on “All About Julz…

  1. thank you so much darling~~u know im always here for u, no need to say a word.u can tell me about anything…big or small…im all ears.hehe yea im glad u liked what i did in that pic.i enjoyed it! felt like an accomplishment also made me feel good to make u smile.ur a friend i know where our friendship will always be there no matter doesnt matter how often or even how NOT often we see eachother…cuz whenever we do, it always feels like old times, flowing conversation, honesty and trust.i love u girl…friends for life…^.^


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