100 Years of MagicThis is must be the tenth time in my life seeing these ‘Disney on Ice’ shows.  The first one, from memory,  was when I was 4 and was about Dumbo……still lovin’ them all…

The ‘Princess Classics’ show was better, though.  The skaters seemed to be higher skilled, although the guy who played Aladdin in this one was pretty damn mad!

Minutes before the show started, we were standing at the back of the Entertainment Centre and saw the pairs throwing each other in the air.  It was mad!!! Seriously…like not doing it on ice, but on rough pebbly ground…..


Ok Julz, this is motivation for us on Monday to jump as high as we can…ok?  “Melt into the ice!” as Slav would say…


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  1. Thanks Jo! Indeed it was a shame that we didnt get to catch up last weekend (I was abit off the moon already haha) We should catch up soon =)I think I might be taking things a bit TOO EASY!!! For me, I really need to push hard and approach job hunting with a bit of urgency. But you are in the right field already, so don’t take it too hard on yourself!! Good Luck….


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