Getting better

I’ve just realised I’ve become addicted to the Eastern Suburbs…thanks to Hazel! (and Isa and Amanda, both of whom are permanent residents anyways)

Haven’t had one weekend in the past month without stopping by that area and tell you what, that’s new…yes, I’m sick of Chatswood…finally.

Anyways, it seems like everyone is going through some trauma in their lives right now. Oh well, at least, we’re all crying and laughing at the same time.

Was talking to Alix on the phone the other day and she gave me the most comforting piece of advice:

“Jo, honey, I love you and I know life is being tough on you at the moment… ” (Jo smiles and tries to the best of her ability to hold her tears and swallow that lump down her throat )……

“But you know what?  LIFE IS SHIT AND IT REALLY DOESN’T F**KIN’ GET BETTER.  So…get over it”




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