Tired of being tired

I am sick of being tired and tired of being sick.

I am still working from home.  Someone…help me….


6 thoughts on “Tired of being tired

  1. Yes rest more if you can. I’m usually quite free if you need someone to bring you something. Do you have the Cold or a really bad Flu? Mm… pop Vitamin C pills and pile on the carbo I think. Hot baths?? mm.. you poor babe, well if you really need urgent help i’m here~ :>
    About the driving test on my xanga the link is just under the image.


  2. hey jojo.. this is Carmela!!! havent spoken to you in ages. i was bored to hell at work so i started looking at ppl’s friendster and their blogs.. when i came to urs!! seems u’re leading quite a happy life.
    so wat are u up to these days? i’m now in advertising agency in hk.. quite interesting.. was busy liek hell b4, but now thigns have quieted down a bit…
    and when are u coming back? must catch up/
    hope u will actually see this.


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