Loving your job can become your nightmare, literally..

Been exceptionally busy with work lately.  If I could pay someone to help me with my job, I would, but I’m not sure anyone’s willing to do it even if I did pay him/her.

“Keywords, URL, Search, Ads, Media plan, Strategy, Google….” I almost speak of them in my dreams (or nightmares!)

I refuse to search on Google nor Yahoo! nor MSN…I refuse to use a search engine (ok…maybe for a week!)  Yes – I will be on STRIKE! Let’s see how long that’ll last….

mmm….maybe, I have to learn how to detach myself from what I love ( how ironic?)

Okay, enough whinging about my passion and lack of hate for my job.

Seal smaller Caught up with friends last Sat night at typical hangout, followed by a relaxing day at the Sydney Aquarium. It hasn’t changed much since I last went, which was maybe less than a year ago…hahaha.  Not sure why the regular visits – I think I might’ve fallen in love with that Seal there. 

But I had fun…and now looking forward to the coming weekend. 




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