Life is full of ups and downs

I’ve come to realise that dramas are part of life and that without them, life will be boring.

These past few weeks have been super full on for me.

Firstly, I’ve resigned from Starcom – moving on with a career that I think will make me a bit happier.  Hurrah!
A lot of decision making was involved in the past two weeks; for once I was given several positive options to make a choice out of .  In the end, I went ahead with what I wanted to do, sacrificing the opportunity to work for a large corporation and possibly a very bright prospect, too –  in favour of my heart because I’ve long realised that the human brain is not always the most reliable when caught in a logic trap.  I’m every bit excited about my new job and being happy is all that counts at the moment.

Been chillin’ out and catching up with time.  My second biggest achievement in the past two weeks was finally putting together a figure skating artistic program.  It had always been on the back of my mind to do one and I always knew that my lack of motivation halted me from progressing.  Recently, I guess, with increased energy levels I decided to grit my teeth and make a mark in my life.  So, my wonderful coach, Slav, kindly choreographed a 2 min routine to my favourite song – Reflections (by Christina Aguilera).
Finally, my life is complete.

Weekend partying was put aside for a while and Glady’s b-day party was mad fun (minus the mishaps, that is).  I’ve been so flat out that I haven’t been seeing the girls for a while…

Hazel, if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry babe for not taking time out to see you before you left for your holidays.  I’m really really missin’ you but I hope you have heaps of fun and keep me posted.  Remember to take lots ‘a photos!

Last but not least, Isa, when am I gonna see ya?


4 thoughts on “Life is full of ups and downs

  1. Congrats on the job change, I had the same dilemmas when I chose between a huge corporation. At the end of the day, no matter how much money you earn, it’s so much better to be happy 10 hours a day.
    I’m so glad you’re happier these days x


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