I GOT IT Nicole!!!

Nicole, my baby, I love you!!!!

Thanks so much for the Froggy card!  I can’t believe you still remember my ‘love’ for frogs..hahaha…

I miss you so much…as I was reading what you wrote on the card, I felt a lump in my throat, a swollen nose and blurry vision….Tell me that I’ll see you in December… Miss miss miss you!




One thought on “I GOT IT Nicole!!!

  1. Hi Jojo! it’s been quite a while since the spcs days, Pema’s been recounting some funny moments on her xanga about the crazy spcs days and I’ve just been clicking around and reminiscing the old days. I do recall you being one important member at a shoe-throwing, skirt-ripping activity we had some while back. hahah. Anyway, hope you’re doing well in Aussie
    keep in touch!


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