Weekend fever….


Having a temperature didn’t stop me from catching up with Alix at Hemispher and Sushi E and Star City!  Well, it was a quiet one, called it an early night.  Sunday was spent walkin’ around in Chatswood with Mr. Special…. 🙂

P11-08-06_14 P11-08-06_14

1 month to go at Starcom, going to miss Smokey & Frankie!!…


5 thoughts on “Weekend fever….

  1. hey babe! sorry i was already kinda trashed that night when u called, wish i could’ve seen u before i leave but don’t worrie i’ll be back in no time hopefully! please take good care of yourself and best of luck with ya new job ok! we’ll keep in touch through email. muah*


  2. hi josephine.. loving those old SPCS photos.. brings bak so many memories.. it’s been ages since i’ve last seen/ spoken to u. i hear about u from time to time from carol. hope ur having a great time in aussieland. r u planning on moving bak to hk anytime? i’ve moved bak since last year and have now started working at a law firm.. hope to catch up with u.. it’s been a while. ur still the pretty + sweet girl that i’ve known *hugz* take care!


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