Finally, I have finished my role at Starcom…in fact, that was more than a week ago!

I’ve started my new role and I’m now in London.  I’m loving London and I’m not sure if I want to go back to Sydney.  There is just so much I DON’T miss in Sydney apart from my family, mah girlies and my job (that’s prolly all I have in life, though, sigh*).  I want a new life….

After spending a weekend here, I still have another week before I fly back to Sydney.  I will make the best of it and spend the rest of the week devising my runaway plan…HAHAHHAHA…

Photos will be available when I get access to a memory stick adaptor to connect to my work laptop.  Why can’t work laptops be Sony?

Gotta big week ahead of me.  Tomorrow will be one of those crazy days where travelling will take up a big part of the day, combined with a full working day. too.  Better get ready to snuggle up….

(oh yes, the nail bars in London are soooooo horrid.  I can’t believe I paid 17.5 pounds for a French polish job that my three-year old God daughter can do for me! Well, there’s something to miss in Sydney)



3 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. o my god, can’t believe you’re in london as well!!!, i arrived last wed and still got a week and a half before flying back to HK. i’ve contacted emily and i think we are going to meet up for dinner sometime next week, all 3 of us should definitely go party hardy out in london!!! i heard that there is this club called Fabric is suppose to be really good,


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