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Best ever weekend!

This must have been one of the most relaxing weekends that I’ve had in ages.

Girls night ins can be fun – when you’ve got a nail polish lying around, a DVD, and someone who’s sulking over something.

I just want to thank you girls for being there for me and putting up with my whinging.  It means soooo much to me.

Hazel – what are we gonna do without your ever-so-positive attitude that echos through your squeak (sorry!)?

Mandy – you are our MAN!  I will KILL YOU IF YOU LEAVE as well (cough*)

Isa – well, you just give us hope that life can be fun.

Girls night in_27

$30 fed us all

So, you think $10 bucks is too much to spend on a dinner?  You might have a point. 

I never knew that cooking a decent meal (I mean, proper steak and salad) could be that easy and cheap! Excuse the naivety and what may seem almost stuck-up but hey, at least I’ve learnt!  Thanks to Amanda! (http://www.xanga.com/pinkami/565795107/item.html further details on effective use of $$)

So yeah, in short, although I didn’t really indulge in the steak the same way everyone did, $30 fed the 6 [edit – ok, the SEVEN, told u I’ve been outta whack lately] of us.

For once, Australia Day seemed more inspirational than “just another public holiday”.

SaladWhole course
Me, Kimmy & AmandaP1261188P1261189

Congrats to Alix

With a start of a new year comes a fresh start and great news.

Alix is getting MARRIED!!  I’m so happy for you, babe.

So much for our ramblings at the Establishment before X’mas!  Geez…

Aaaww… All was so romantic.  From secret seeking parent approval, to the pre-arranged Thai trip, to the glass box that held your Stone of eternity. You are one lucky woman and of course, 10 cheers to Steve for setting the standards for decent men in this era!

This gives me hope.  Hope that people eventually find their true love and the right couples will give up anything to be with each other (remember what he said about the ring? I won’t broadcast it here for you…but awww..)

So, that was pretty much the talk of our Friday night spent at Chintaria’s with Bek and Alix.  Men, sex, marriage…

I thought that a good start also meant cleaning up. So, most of Saturday was spent washing this and that.  Pampered myself later with a manicure…

Excellent place to do so:
Fresh Nails
Shop 219, Level 2
Westfield Shopping Chatswood
2065 NSW
(02) 9411 2515

Guaranteed cheap anyways! And try not to get the fat lady with the huge boobs*.

Time to go and wash my car…


Trying to Catch up

Okay, so I knew that I needed to do an end-of-year update back near the end of December and I never got around to doing it.  So, posting one week into January 07 was my only option.

I should now move on quickly to post my loooong overdue New Year’s Resolution. 

Somehow, I managed to come up with none.

I remember the things that were going through my mind during the countdown (well, I guess I was a little too smashed to think anyways) – “..have fun, just be happy, take this pain away..”.  Apart from those phrases, I don’t remember having any of those “This year, I will go to the gym 5 times a week and I’ll make sure I ditch my morning coffee to save that extra $2.00 and I’ll go to work 15 minutes earlier…blah blah” (yes, that’s how lame I used to be).

So, I figured, my new year’s resolution is simply to be happy and to scrub away the pain.  And for that sole person who knows my other secret resolution.  Here it is:

DSC04123  Happy 2007!!

[More Photos from X’mas later, when I can dig them up from different cameras]

[edit] Found a few….was either too smashed or too lazy to bring my own camera….

DSC01344DSC01339Renee I & Gladys

Miss you all….Jen Nie – please do come and visit!

Kitty & 1Jen Nie & I 2