Trying to Catch up

Okay, so I knew that I needed to do an end-of-year update back near the end of December and I never got around to doing it.  So, posting one week into January 07 was my only option.

I should now move on quickly to post my loooong overdue New Year’s Resolution. 

Somehow, I managed to come up with none.

I remember the things that were going through my mind during the countdown (well, I guess I was a little too smashed to think anyways) – “..have fun, just be happy, take this pain away..”.  Apart from those phrases, I don’t remember having any of those “This year, I will go to the gym 5 times a week and I’ll make sure I ditch my morning coffee to save that extra $2.00 and I’ll go to work 15 minutes earlier…blah blah” (yes, that’s how lame I used to be).

So, I figured, my new year’s resolution is simply to be happy and to scrub away the pain.  And for that sole person who knows my other secret resolution.  Here it is:

DSC04123  Happy 2007!!

[More Photos from X’mas later, when I can dig them up from different cameras]

[edit] Found a few….was either too smashed or too lazy to bring my own camera….

DSC01344DSC01339Renee I & Gladys

Miss you all….Jen Nie – please do come and visit!

Kitty & 1Jen Nie & I 2


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