$30 fed us all

So, you think $10 bucks is too much to spend on a dinner?  You might have a point. 

I never knew that cooking a decent meal (I mean, proper steak and salad) could be that easy and cheap! Excuse the naivety and what may seem almost stuck-up but hey, at least I’ve learnt!  Thanks to Amanda! (http://www.xanga.com/pinkami/565795107/item.html further details on effective use of $$)

So yeah, in short, although I didn’t really indulge in the steak the same way everyone did, $30 fed the 6 [edit – ok, the SEVEN, told u I’ve been outta whack lately] of us.

For once, Australia Day seemed more inspirational than “just another public holiday”.

SaladWhole course
Me, Kimmy & AmandaP1261188P1261189


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