A full week of craziness

I’ve had a full week of craziness.

Average hours of sleep per day = 4. (oh, this means that some days were basically 1 hour evened out with a day of 8 hours)

Totally f-ed.

Work has been crazy; social life too.

This past week felt like 2 weeks for me.

In short, I am totally exhausted.

Hoping this week will be ‘back to normal’. 
(I need my good ol’ life back….  I miss it dearly.)

2 thoughts on “A full week of craziness

  1. You’re not the only one jo.. Trust me.. I feel the same way. But what can you do? Life still goes on… It all depends on your attitude towards life and how you handle each situation. We just need to keep moving on. Cheers =)

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