Valentines Day 2007 | Thank You…

Woke up feeling mellow.
As I was standing on the train station platform, I started sulking over a commercially focused, festive day that only 10% of the world’s population celebrate.
Got my morning coffee as usual.  Still remember sipping my coffee and sighing with relief, having comfort that the majority of the world was probably doing the same thing……

Walked into the office and saw this box of Roses sitting on my desk.

You probably haven’t seen them nor the smile on my face….Here you go.

Whatever it is, whoever* you are, thank you very much.  You sure did make me smile
I Appreciate It.

(and there I was rambling on about the theories for the existence of Valentines Day.  Yes – I am lame!)


Girls, I hope you all had fun….Happy Valentine’s again before the day ends!! (P.S send me the pics of tonight)

[super late update!]


And Mandy..thanks for the Strawberries….YUMMM..mmmm…