“LESS than a quarter of senior management positions in Australian businesses are held by women and more than one-third of businesses have no women at all in their senior ranks….


Australia was one of only seven countries which reported a fall in the number of businesses that have women in senior roles. The US, New Zealand and Mexico also reported falls.”

READ: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/women-lose-out-on-executive-positions/2007/03/07/1173166800994.html

Girls, what kind of bulls**t is this?  What the F??!!!?

Comon’, let’s gather together and kick those men out! Wahahah

Isa and I spent a very constructive and relaxing Sat night. Went to Bondi Beach for dinner and visited Mandy at Icebergs.  Mandy is such a strong woman,  I admire you.  But take care of yourself, babe.

I will remember what we spoke about, Isa.  Can’t wait to see Ryan and get more tips from him!!!

Yes, we will all hang in there together.  Love you all.

[edit]  Love you so much you deserve this…(now you know why I want this one sooo bad!!…hehe)



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