Tank Club – what a change!

So, what happens after a very tough week at work?  Friday night fever, of course!

Tank crowdI would’ve never imagined myself walking into the doors of Tank Club since my last experience there 5 years ago, maybe?!  Humm…Can’t really recall how I got sucked into going there, but thanks to Debbie, we had a really good time.  Well, apart from Mr. Plastic Surgeon who couldn’t stop harrassing Isabel and snapping me into two (having to pretend to be her Lesbian partner!!),  I can still draw a review for Tank:


Fun, interesting crowd (I like the stricter dress code and 1:1 B:G ration policy, makes it classier), good music (Nate, is it because you’re DJ-ing?), cool venue.  Tis’ gone a long way since 2002!  See you again, next Friday!”



This morning, I woke up to a fine Sat afternoon.  I was hoping to make use of the warm weather to go read a book in the park only to find that I had ran out of my supply of books to read at home and that thankfully, maybe, the weather wasn’t that good anyways.

I had a book in mind – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray (see currently reading).  Repeating this title in my head, as if being hyptonised, it lead me from bookshop to bookshop in Chatswood, searching for it.  It wasn’t difficult to find the book but the search was based on the mission to find the cheapest buy, as well (Holy Cow, I ended up getting a copy at $32.95!!)

Rewinding backwards in time to my thoughts when I was searching for that book…
“humm…I wonder why I’ve finally decided to read this?  This book stood out amongst the others labelled with ‘Best Seller of the Month’ and ‘Award-winning’ a few years back, during the days when Chicken Soups were the thing “- The Inspirations of life”.  I’ve always had an interest in psychology, motivational, self-help type books.  This book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus had stood out.  So why then, if it had caught my eye back then, had I not even considered picking it up?

Was it because I was genuinely not interested in relationship advice?
Or because I was too comfortable in my relationship to worry? (told you that comfort zones were dangerous!, Jo)

Was I turning a blind eye to my problems, avoiding relationship advice subconsciously in denial?”

Had I have read this book earlier, would things have turned out more differently for me?  (No more what-ifs, Jo)

Flowers FarOk, now before I start to resemble too much like Princess from Whinge Land, let me say a Thank You for sending me the flowers.  I appreciate it.


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