To My Special Friend

You are far more eloquent than I am.  So, I will not attempt to be poetic.  You like it simple anyways, right?

I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me.   Wanna know why you are special? Coz:

You happen to make me smile and laugh without much reason.
I happen to heed your advice without thinking twice. (no, it’s not meant to rhyme)
I happen to know when you are genuine and when you are not telling the truth and I still trust you.
You happen to amaze me in so many ways.
AND You just somehow happen to have come into my life at the rightest yet wrongest times. (do not attempt to correct my English this time, you know what I mean)

I hold high regards for you (so what you think I think of you is wrong).

You have not disappointed me at all (not yet anyways) and even if you do, because you are my special friend I don’t think I will ever take it to heart.

I am very thankful that I have you as my special friend.
(please don’t give me a hard time….I promise I (will) look at you normally…every day)



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