To my MARK3071 team members Q1 2004

E5187B85-B307-D264-1D10553F957A5EEC[1]Kylie provides fanfare for H&M’s Asian launch
Pop princess Kylie Minogue helped Hennes & Mauritz celebrate the opening of its prestigious new four-storey Shanghai store, the fashion brand’s first in Asia, with what has been described as a “jaw-dropping” performance at the city’s glass domed science museum the night before. For such a major launch there was, inevitably, more than the usual fanfare for a store opening. Guests arriving at the pre-launch bash were serenaded by a three-hundred-strong female choir singing acapella Kylie songs, before entering a glittering kingdom where the science museum’s 2,000 square metre floor was transformed into a shimmering sea of 100 kilos of Swarovski crystals. For added opulence, five million mirrored disco ball squares covered everything from a gyrating surf board where people had their picture taken to Ming Dynasty-style vases full of complimentary mirrored pop badges to commemorate the occasion. In addition, Studio 54 ‘disco-lush’ revolving circular beds were mirror-clad and laden with sparkling silver cushions. Sparkle was also added to the event by Shanghai stars including: Asian film star Zhao Wei; top model Du Juan and TV star Lee Xiao Ran.
All of this hype generated considerable excitement, with crowds of eager shoppers queuing outside the new store from early morning to get their hands on H&M’s ranges. These included the new “H&M Loves Kylie” capsule beachwear collection, not due to be launched across the rest of H&M’s stores for another month.

Source: Daily News Round-up,, 13 April 2007

This is yet another business plan of ours down the drain.  Why didn’t we go ahead with it, again?
Firsty, it was PASH juices.  Now it’s our Love Kylie wear entering Asia.

We’re just destined to be poor, DAMN IT!



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