Hazel’s Post: Dessert and Hot Pot

DSC01579Steamy Dr. McDreamy gave us a checkup today…(didn’t ya?) The mercury is rising….SSSssssss  Stop hiding behind those sexy hands…

Are you embarrased now?  Don’t worry, you’re still in our circle of trust.

Thanks for spending a lovely day with us.  We had fun.



7 thoughts on “Hazel’s Post: Dessert and Hot Pot

  1. Who is this McDreamy guy?? So ridiculously hot…… He doesn’t even look like he’s from Sydney.An intimate evening with the two of you. A dream come true for most men. Lucky, lucky, lucky man.


  2. I’m frankly always flattered to be in the presence of you lovely ladies…and although there is now physical proof that it is not a figment of my imagination, it still seems like a surreal experience šŸ™‚ I should be the one thanking YOU for the lovely Autumn afternoon/evening. I’m not quite sure the reason why you must juxtapose my plebian mug against your “Hollywood” faces…especially the candid photo (will remember that one for a loooooong time to come Jo…revenge is a dish best served cold…) šŸ˜› And what check-up??? *cough* There certainly was NO physical examinations thank you…I AM a gentlemen, as well as a profession šŸ˜‰ x D


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