Shopping Therapy

DSC01662It always helps to throw your burdens, pains and emotions into your shopping bags and walk back home feeling the weight of the aforesaid transform into sweet satisfaction…

Call it escapism…it’s the only way out for me now.


DSC01663(Hazel hunni, how do we manage to do such stupid things? Balancing the camera on the top of the car, putting it on timer…and posing in a carpark…hahahaha…the stuff we do together…)




7 thoughts on “Shopping Therapy

  1. OMG, looks like u ladies did a lot of damage…nice!!! I feel robbed…didn’t find anything to buy out in the sticks…oh well, next time. And…how the hell did u manage to put the camera on top of the car???? Respect.

  2. eerrrmmm…guys, hello!  has my blog suddenly become a discussion forum?
    although, yes, Hazel, I agree she will go crazy as well…maybe detouring from HK was a good idea…:P

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