Yes, I have been really busy with work…that’s it

DSC01752For those of you who have trying to get in touch with me and think that I’m going insane, just want to let you know that I’m fine…Just been busy with work…( see the look on my face? )


Not been at my desk for a few days now, so sorry for not reply to emails and instant messages!

I love you and miss you all…especially ISA!!!! (Hope you’re coping fine with everything…I apologise for being slack in catching up lately.)

Hazel, I know you’re going well. Have a smile for you!

Mandy, hope you are not exhausted…I know you aren’t crazy and very sane, just busy…keep it up!

So, after work hours has been spent with colleagues as well (team bonding!).  Some random pics of us at bowling tonight.


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