ISSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!! We WON’T Miss you!!! Not at all!

I hate farewells..and I hate good-byes but if it’s for good cause I will wish you well.
I am lost for words, Isa.

I’m glad you had a good night and enjoyed yourself.  Remember not to read what I wrote in the book until you’ve arrived and don’t ever feel like there’s no U-turn.  There are plenty of things in life that you need to experience.  Don’t anticipate the U-turn. If it comes, it comes; if it doesn’t, then you better be sending out your bridal registry soon!  And we will be waiting..either way…

Remember, distance is not a barrier but an open route to strengthen relationships.

(MEH!!! Thanks for abandoning us!)  Enough for now… I may write up another post for you, if I can’t handle it.

 (*alot of the photos are of the new lovebirds…sorry..)

DSC01780DSC01756   (Notice Danny’s focus….. )


4 thoughts on “ISSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!! We WON’T Miss you!!! Not at all!

  1. gargh! i can’t handle it either! if we weren’t in public yesterday, i think we all would have burst out in tears.   i could feel my eyes welling up 😦

    will miss you so much isa…but we must promise to book in a communication schedule as planned 😛 i will take the first slot!

    eeek…..there’s some heavy stuff going on in the pics….there’s even a disclaimer!



  2. Ah Jo…i TOLD u not to post dodgy photos of me arrrrghh!!!!  I’ll get u back one day when u least expect it…all it takes is some benzodiazepines from my anaesthetic colleagues…few drops in your drink…and WUAHAHHAHAHA…I’ll get u one day…Commonunderstanding…so mysterious…i would like to know who you are as well…interestiiing…


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