Shopping by myself….again (aaaarrrggghhh!!! stop me).

Coffee at Lane Cove….3 silly girls in public trying their best to hold their tears…
Isa cried and laughed at the same time.

Night falls and 2 silly girls head out in skimpy, skin tight, little dresses and walk back and forth George Street – from drinks at Hemmesphere to pigging out at Maccas.

 DSC01792 DSC01787

Thanks, Hazel, for taking my most frustrated mind off things.  I had fun..

[looking sideways and keeping up with our pace on Pitt Street] “ooooo…hi are you?….” [then trips over a tile and laughs at himself.  Jo and Hazel tries sooo hard to keep a straight face but eventually duck behind a corner outside Hilton pissing ourselves]

[standing at the lights at George Street  Myer]
“……where are you from?…”
“…really?….blah blah blah…how old are you? 18?” [Hazel could no longer contain her laughter]

[walking towards Hemmesphere]
“oooo….can we be your tour guides in Sydney?”
“me no Engrish…” [HHAHHAHA]

Too much to handle at the moment…. too much change; it’s almost too hard to adapt.


One thought on “Saturday

  1. BAHAHAHA….there were some pretty funny things wnet on last nite! that dude who tripped was so embarrassed. coul he have walked away any faster?!?!
    you left out the part where were going crazy in the car on river rd…..screaming at the top of our lungs “F*CK F*CK F*CK” ….like raving mad women….we’re lunatics o_O
    luv u heaps, glad we had a great nite being our crazy selves.


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