Theresa’s a good cook!!!

Yes, no kiddin’….okay, for years that Mandy’s known her, she has never realised her talent either.

I have to say I’ve known her for years, too but prolly not as close as Mandy would be with her.  OMG…she can cook!

Thanks, hun.  We had a great night.  Alcohol (yes, I can talk this time….), dessert made by Mandy, painting our nails, girl mags…

With each time we do a girls night, we have a few less.  In a few month’s time, I’m not sure there will be anymore of us left, other than Mandy and I……hmmm…..maybe it’s time for us to move on and get ourselves a man…hahaha

Girls – Gladys, Kelly, Isa…we miss you…  Come back, you bitches.

[photos will be up later, not to worry…we took some to for proof]

{edit – here they are}



4 thoughts on “Theresa’s a good cook!!!

  1. i miss you girls too, when the heck are we ever gonna reunite again?
    after leaving, i seriously realise what i miss the most, – a bunch of girlfriends at a coffee / light drinking session.


  2. i miss u guys too!! thanks for calling tho .. i was literally bored and watching the NEWS! yes.. the news! i cant believe it … i miss u guys and one thin for sure, my heart will always be with u guys there – im not really in tw (altho my fat ass is) hehe i cant exactly recall when i had theresa’s cooking last but she must have to learn something from eric rite? i mean.. i have tried eric’s cooking (and i mean Mr Lam not Mr Chow) and it was awesome!


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