Before Party season kicks off

 look back to see why work has been exhausting, yet fruitful and fun.

Yahoo!s – class of 07, I love you all.

Doing the ShakespeareY!SM Class of 07DSC01739DSC01732
DSC01723DSC01700DSC01690Jo Starry Eyed
DSC02010DSC02038Jo on Phil1218982891_13f7afca36n631491317_229374_1287

Ok – that’s it for now…too late for comments…I will continue when I have energy..

This year has all been about working hard but player harder, as Willie will put it.

I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to work with a lovely crew at Yahoo! and have learnt more than I have ever in the short span of 7 months.  I endeavour to do better next year and play even harder.

Before the party season kicks off, I will work harder than ever to meet my sales targets and I know I will be exhausted by Christmas; have 2 days to bounce back before the Christmas partying in HK.

Altogether life will be exhausting while I fit in my already busy schedule go-karting, bridgeclimbing, sailing, paintball, christmas party, christmas party, christmas party and then CHRISTMAS PARTIES…

Wish me luck in coping – life will keep me busy.


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