Boxing Day

I’m trying my best to keep up with blogging to preserve great memories that are so often easily forgotten.

As I mentioned before, this year has been more relaxing and laid back than most recent years.  Despite late nights, they weren’t spent on partying and dancing but rather, chilling out with my loved ones.  It is rather different, indeed.

DSC02601Went shopping at the IFC today and promised my baby that we would re-visit Giorgio Armani to buy him his suits and yes, his Gucci one, too.  Unfortunately, once again, due to my incapability to handle chipped fingernails, I had to stop by the nailbar at the IFC for a French manicure; this was after a nice afternoon tea at the Four Seasons.


I am embracing this Christmas with open arms, after a tiring year of working and playing hard.

Good times always last if you remember or, better, record them in some way.