Brotherhood and Sisterhood

SSL14460Yesterday, went to high tea with my dear cousin at the Four Seasons Hotel.  Chatted like the world would end any minute.  Looking at these powerful, career women, I realised that it is not fate or luck that got them where they are now.  Life is not simple for them yet they are able to carry themselves with this air of authority, swiftness and simple perception to life.  I am in total admiration, still.

SSL14461SSL14462We talked about sisterhood and friendships; how friendships can slip easily when up against love.  This notion, I am very familiar with myself.  It is not hard to understand how one can try to fight for and believe in balance between friendship and lovelife, yet they fall hard and fast when they come to realisation that love is, more often than not, weighed down on the scales.  If it is so familiar to us in this world, why do we fight it?  Why do so many of us glorify brotherhood and sisterhood when we are all so familiar?

There is only one man whom I’ve heard give up this honour of ‘brotherhood’ and faced up to reality, for he came to realisation and refuses to be hypocritical.  For this, I admire him, still…

I don’t think it’s coincidence that Warlords (which we watched at 12.15am late last night) cleverly suggested the above brutally.



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