Wonderland – Day One

DSC02947I am now in Phuket.  The morning started off exhausting.  I was sick, very sick.  I was worried that we might not have been able to catch the flight, though for us, things always work itself somehow; this time was no exception.  But I must not be too proud of this for one day, God may take this away from us.  So, I am glad when our plane landed in Phuket.  We were both relieved.  The warm weather soothed our moods.  And it didn’t take long before we drifted, yet again, into another wonderland at the JW Marriot resort.

We have yet to explore this Wonderland but every corner we turn, it is beautiful.  Absolutely relaxing and mind-detoxing.

Thank you for taking me here.  I need this and to get away from constant ‘re-scheduling’.


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