Wonderland – Day 2

DSC03030A wonderful night’s rest. It’s been quite some time since I slept so soundly. At rest. At one with my conscious and sub-conscious. Over the past days, I have been actively working on integrating the two and with some success. There are no invasive thoughts, only that which one creates. And here, in the island of paradise where the sun’s warmth heals the soul and nurtures the mind, I am at peace. At peace with the world, at peace with me.


DSC03043We woke up late for breakfast. Well, almost too late. We feasted on a vast array of breakfast offerings from around the world, ironically, everything but thai. And what a morning scene. Imagine sitting on the balcony, overlooking the pool and its calm waters. Beyond that, the soft white sandy beach being lapped at by the crystal blue waters of the Andaman Sea. One could hardly wish for a view more exquisite. Particularly whilst bleary eyed and awaiting the brain to spurn into complete operation.



DSC03047DSC03045Then it was time for sun. My baby and I sat near the Blue pool at magical Mai Khao beach, listening to music and earning our tans. It is truly amazing here and it is no exaggeration that the beauty of the place with its combination of natural serenity and contemparary design is spellbinding. In a short one hour, we were burnt to a crisp. A little more time in the pool and it was time for thai aromatic massage.


We lounged around until dinner time, where we went to Ginja, the resorts 5 star restaurant for some upmarket thai. Yes, I know that we should be out savouring the local cheap eats but we couldn’t resist, given that we haven’t been able to manufacture enough time for a fine dining experience yet this holidays. And we did not make a mistake. Succently lobster curry, crunchy morning glory, papaya salad and a gut wrenchingly hot tom yum awaited us. A phenomenal meal with the beach, sea and quiet pitter patter of evening monsoon rains accompanied us in our own little universe.


It can’t be a bad thing that the hardest task here is working out where to go next, which island to bask on and what food to sample. I am relaxed.


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