Wonderland – Last 2 days

The last 2 days in Phuket flew by quickly.  We did so much and had so much fun.

Day 3, we took the shuttlebus for a 45 minute ride to Patong Beach at 2pm.  The hustle and bustle of the city area was a huge contrast to the tranquilty of our resort with aggressive ‘Tuk Tuk’ chauffeurs ushering tourists into their taxis, bars along the beach mainstrip and sidestreets packed with small boutiques selling cheap bikinis, beachwear (Billabong and Roxy fakes) and massage parlours.  The mix of cultures walking along the street was interesting.  There was the rare Asian; excluding the locals, of course.  Aussies were common and Europeans, too.


DSC03075DSC03076We spent a few hours lying on the beach.  Call me vain but I couldn’t resist the cheap manicure offered by local ‘nail bar’, which was a mere few mats placed under palm trees further up from the beach area and a narrow range of colours ranging from flourescent orange to flourescent green.  The best they could do me was a peachy tinge with gold glitter.  Still, better than my chipped nails, I thought.

Bargaining for pretty dresses and a simple thai meal kept our evening busy.  By the end of the night, we were just glad that we made our way back successfully, after making approximately 15 detours and eventually circling the whole of the city area, to the shuttlebus stop at 11pm.


We had walked 6 solid hours.

DSC03128Resting our sore feet in the hotel room at around 12.30am, we resorted to room service for a lovely night we spent chatting away.



DSC03071This morning, we couldn’t believe our last day had come.  We didn’t want to leave.  Another day in the sun lying next to the pool….I was reading an article in the local paper as I was lying there.  “10 year old Mexican boy found with his right hand superglued to his bed because he didn’t want to go back to school…”  The boy was quoted to have confessed to his mother that ‘vacation was fun and he didn’t want to go back’…..I laughed out loud at the thought and louder when I actually wanted some industrial glue for myself!


The plane landed at HK airport tonight.  My baby and I were relaxed and anxious.  The holiday has helped us de-stress but we were anxious of how much longer it would last for.

Thank you, once again, for taking me on this beautiful holiday.  It was well deserved for you…


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