Ivy Bar/Lounge

It was a great night at Ivy.

n218300176_30837248_5008I can’t wait till the construction is completed, full with 4 levels and a terrace pool at the top level.  It was amazing.  Every level was a built as a rectangular perimeter that circled the courtyard of the ground level.  The design of the architecture was clever and different.  It seems to be well-suited for all seasons of the year, well, except on rainy days, I suppose.  Maybe there will be a manually-controlled artificial roof/shelter to accomodate for that?  Standing on every edge of each level, you can stick your head out to peer into the sky.  My photographic memory is pulling a pananormic view of a clear starry night, on level 2, for me.  If this doesn’t entice you to check it out, maybe the funky well-dressed crowd there will. 

n218300176_30837250_5601I did say to a friend who joined us, visiting from Melbourne, “Tonight, here, is the best you can get in Sydney….good luck!”

But let me put in a note to make sure that you bring in a fat wallet or a Sugar Daddy or your wallet will be sucked dry in the first 30 minutes and…you’re still sober.


Australia Day public holiday last year was spent productively relaxing at Mandy’s apartment.  This year, I did plan the usual BBQ but was unable to make it to the final plan for work tied me up. sigh*  Feels a bit unusual but couldn’t skip the ‘bum at home’ events on the Saturday night of the weekend.




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