Valentines Day 2008 | How come you always manage to turn it around? Happy V-day… I do Love You

Yes, I was disappointed but you showed that you can always turn it around.

You showed me that it was just bad-timing, that you were aware and were ready to make it special for me, too.

For that, I love you and it meant alot ot me.  I appreciate it.

DSC03228Our Valentines Day did not turn out the way it was planned, from my eyes…but when you learn to embrace and appreciate every second we earn together, there’s faith that you somehow manage to twist it into something special no matter how difficult the situation is.  For the hours I poured into making the ‘baking cookies’ video, cutting and putting the video together….sewing the ‘cushion cookies’….baking the cookies over and over again….and the ‘Willie Pang’ glass jug that sit on your office desk and remind you to drink up…. it was all worth it, anything to put a smile on your face.


In return, I’m sure you didn’t miss the sparkle in my eyes when I stepped into the house after work that night.  That beam on my face, the look of appreciation that melted your heart as well, when I realised you had taken time out to clean up the whole apartment and not to mention having dinner all prepared…. Just thinking back to the dinner you cooked is mouth-watering…and yes, you are right.  You took me to the ‘nicest restaurant in Sydney’ and the cook was just…..mmmm…….oh, sorry, I meant the ‘food’.





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