It is only day 3 in Singapore…

and life has zoomed past with vivid flashes of moments that I struggle to make sense.

Everything is so quick paced here.  Work has been most challenging in this environment that I have no time to make sense of anything else that may be of more importance to my life.

I am evolving into an improved and strengthened version of Josephine.

I always pull through and this will be no different.  I have a heart to give if anything and that is how I have lived all of my life.  This will only evolve into something bigger.  Not neccesarily better but a larger capacity to cater for more.  A heart for myself and more importantly, for others.

I will live by it and this principle has been stregthened. And will stay.

Patience is a virtue.

[Edit – 31 Dec 08: Filling in bits and pieces of my life memories back during my end of year update]

My stay in Singapore was fabulous from what I still remember.  Working hard but playing even harder.  I always enjoyed travelling by myself and exploring foreign lands.  The fear and potential dangers challenged me and I loved the adrenaline rush I got from turning into each corner of uncharted land.

Waking up every morning to the sound of my Nokia E65, and awaking to the fog that was taped to the glass windows on the 60th floor of my hotel room became almost too customary for a 15-day stay.  For the first few days, I did the ’20 minute trek’to the Suntek Tower 4, through the underground from the Swissotel, passing by too many shops and breakfast places for my own good.  My work schedule was packed.  Back-to-back meetings and taxi-ing here and there for meetings, often alone.

After work, I would try to find every excuse to get away from social dinners for the chance to be back in my air-conditioned hotel room, in front of my laptop chatting with my loved one.  Though there were nights when those chats turned into fights and became very difficult to bear, I will never forget how it built the foundations to our relationship.


When I had left Singpore, life felt alot more complete for the year.  (Then again, I had no idea what I was up for for the remainder of the year.  If only I had known, I wouldn’t have been so naive.)

I met alot of friends there…there were also opportunities knocking at my door, begging for me to stay.  I decided against it; because there were more important things awaiting me back in Sydney.




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