Mobflash – Martin Place

I got a ping today, “hey…were you at Martin Place?  At around 12:45?”

What a random question?


I wished I was there….This type of thing just fascinates me.  Not so much the fact that 500 people had so much time in their hands to waste but more so, how it would feel if I was trapped in the space of Time for 3 minutes.

Because, all I want in my 24 hour-day is just an extra ‘3 minutes of ‘you know what’ time’…..

I felt so refreshed at work today…

because I had an awesome weekend.

It feels like my 100th time repeating this but I have been very proud and taken every opportunity to boast about my ‘buzz’ level.

‘How was your weekend?’  For 3 weeks in a row my answer has been a plain, ”My weekend was good! And yours?” with a dry smile on my face, injected with disgustingly fake energy.

Today was different.  I seriously meant it.  The honesty and pride I held on saying this only made me feel so good that I wanted to repeat it to everyone I saw.  The smile was not coerced, nor superficial.  It was dying to reveal itself from my well-rested face.  I felt good.

Thank you for making life easier when it seems tough.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I am your Superwoman, recharged with life again.

God, please bless this moment for me to last for just one more week.  I hope I am not asking for too much.

Thank you for your blessing thus far.

A Day Worth Remembering

Another one of those quarter end work functions.

At Yahoo!, we always have fun.  Our Managing Director reminds us how we need to ‘work hard and play harder’ because truly, for those of you who know him, you will agree he is an advocate of that philosophy.

I always have fun, too.  Only this time was different to the previous ones.  I actually played ‘harder’…….and without spewing much…without the usual upset stomach, I had drunk too much and passed out on the sofa of the Karaoke room.

A tremendously proud Jo-Jo Lau, I am…that I passed out before dirtying the place

And guess what?  I wasn’t even that hungover, given (apparently) I was drinking white wine out of the bottle that was half full.

Some photos for memory:


Lunchtime quickie :P

Watched 2 movies lately that has inspired me – Sex and the City and Atonement.

The former a modern romance comedy and the latter, a story of love and war….
Such constrasting settings both with the common theme of ‘forgiveness’, not to mention suggestions of how love transforms as we progress into the linear dimension of Time.

No wonder I am perplexed and frustrated.  My mind has been exploding with thoughts into the complex issues involved and how it relates to my life.  How dare I mask this frustration with ‘boredom’?

Atonement in Christianity
Christians have used three different metaphors to understand how the atonement might work[4]. Churches and denominations may vary in which metaphor they consider most accurately fits into their theological perspective, however all Christians emphasise that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and through his death the sins of mankind have been forgiven.[5]

The first metaphor, epitomised by the “ransom to Satan” theory, was used by the fourth-century theologian Gregory of Nyssa based on verses such as Mark 10:45 – “the Son of Man came … to give his life as a ransom for the many”. In this metaphor Jesus liberates mankind from slavery to Satan and thus death by giving his own life as a ransom. Victory over Satan consists of swapping the life of the perfect (Jesus), for the lives of the imperfect (mankind). A variation of this view is known as the “Christus Victor” theory, and sees Jesus not used as a ransom but rather defeating Satan in a spiritual battle and thus freeing enslaved mankind by defeating the captor.

The second metaphor, used by the eleventh century theologian Anselm, is called the “satisfaction” theory. In this picture mankind owes a debt not to Satan, but to sovereign God himself. A sovereign may well be able to forgive an insult or an injury in his private capacity, but because he is a sovereign he cannot if the state has been dishonoured. Anselm argued that the insult given to God is so great that only a perfect sacrifice could satisfy and Jesus, being both God and man, was this perfect sacrifice. A variation on this theory is the commonly held Protestant “penal substitution theory,” which instead of considering sin as an affront to God’s honour, sees sin as the breaking of God’s moral law. Placing a particular emphasis on Romans 6:23 (the wages of sin is death), penal substitution sees sinful man as being subject to God’s wrath with the essence of Jesus’ saving work being his substitution in the sinner’s place, bearing the curse in the place of man (Gal. 3:13). A third variation that also falls within this metaphor is Hugo Grotius“governmental theory”, which sees Jesus receiving a punishment as a public example of the lengths to which God will go to uphold the moral order.

The third metaphor is that of healing, associated with Pierre Abélard in the eleventh century, and Paul Tillich in the twentieth. In this picture Jesus’ death on the cross demonstrates the extent of God’s love for us, and moved by this great act of love mankind responds and is transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This view is favoured by most liberal theologians as the moral influence view, and also forms the basis for Rene Girard’s “mimetic desire” theory (not to be confused with meme theory).

4. ^ Kohler, K. (1997) Atonement from the Jewish Encyclopedia,
5. ^ Ward, K. (2007) Christianity – a guide for the perplexed. SPCK, London, p. 48- 51

Patience eaten up by a prolonged mixture of feelings and fatigue…

I am at work now…it is 5pm and I should be focusing on work rather than typing this post.

I am hoping that taking 5 minutes out to vent out my frustrations will help me regain my energy and raise my tolerance level.  (yes – I must be kidding myself.  Highly unlikely anything will change over the next 5 mins)

I am tired…little things frustrate me.  Little things get me sensitve.

Nonetheless, I feel that this prolonged duration of fatigue and ‘working towards……(if there is) a better future’, is taking its toll on me.

I feel that my lover is acting strange to me, I feel like my clients are pissing me off,  I know I just need a break from something.  What is this something?