Fearful of blogging…

not because of privacy issues, but a sense of guilt.

You know how you feel when you forget to reply a friend’s SMS and then remember a week later?  Replying a week late would be almost pointless and you try to hold it off and the longer you hold off, the guiltier you feel.  Then, this feeling of repulse and fear kicks in the next time you call them…..

Well, that’s how I’m feeling right now with my blog.  There are just so many memories over the past few months that I should’ve updated yet I’ve managed to all these great excuses to hold off on blogging – most commonly, “I don’t have time.”  Now, my guilt has reached tipping point and if I don’t face this, I know it will turn into regret.

At this point of time, I can only bow down to modern technology or more specifically, digital cameras and phone cameras.  Pictures speak a thousand words and I’m not sure how many thousand words I can physically put in one post but the least I can do is to capture these memories in the form on images here before I lose 3 months’ worth of my life story.

These past three months has been an emotional rollarcoaster ride.  I wish I had had more time to update to capture what I have learnt in experienced…but one thing I’ve also learnt is that is it never too late

Some time long ago in February….

Dinner @ Baia
This was before Ryan was here….remembering all the tough times that Isa had to go through reforces the notion of ‘The course of true love is never smooth’.



Clubbing – CherriJam @ DoubleBay
Babe, I’m not sure we can continue doing this….dancing away like teenagers.  Oh well – might as well do it while we can, I spose.  No harm enjoying life!

Melbourne trip – Mike’s Wedding and Clubbing marathon
It was a great weekend…weddings are always nice to attend, especially when you have your closest friends around who dashes for the bouquet!!  Keep those weddings coming…

Nice dinner at colleague’s late mother’s Viet Fusion restaurant in Crows Nest followed by a few drinks at another colleagues house.  Mmmm.. Capiarinas (is that how you even spell it? that Brazillian drink?)  Seeing my colleague, Eduardo’s wife Paula, expecting and all the baby clothing is yet another reminder of how beautiful life is.

April – 08

Casual night out at Aperitif in Kings Cross


How ’bout the FHM Party in Darlinghurst?
hat was the most disappointing media launch ever, not to mention a poor PR effort.  Where were the FHM models? I expected hot bikini chicks or bumping my head against washboards in the dark.. ZERO!

Melbourne (again)
This time was a mixture of happy and sad….Life can be full of ups and downs.  How do you know you’re up if you’ve never experienced the down?  I will never forget what happened at ‘The Silk Road’ at Willie friend’s 30th.  The key thing to remember is how Willie and I have survived rough and rougher times…

JPMorgan’s Race Day @ Randwick Race Course
Work events and fun times continue at Yahoo! Inspired by my recent trip to Melbourne, I decided to make my own hairpeice for the day.  The Charleston headband, it is called.  Total cost $18….and I even got nominated for the best facinator???? For 18 bucks, it was well worth the effort.

And more recent times…..


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