I felt so refreshed at work today…

because I had an awesome weekend.

It feels like my 100th time repeating this but I have been very proud and taken every opportunity to boast about my ‘buzz’ level.

‘How was your weekend?’  For 3 weeks in a row my answer has been a plain, ”My weekend was good! And yours?” with a dry smile on my face, injected with disgustingly fake energy.

Today was different.  I seriously meant it.  The honesty and pride I held on saying this only made me feel so good that I wanted to repeat it to everyone I saw.  The smile was not coerced, nor superficial.  It was dying to reveal itself from my well-rested face.  I felt good.

Thank you for making life easier when it seems tough.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I am your Superwoman, recharged with life again.

God, please bless this moment for me to last for just one more week.  I hope I am not asking for too much.

Thank you for your blessing thus far.

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