The Perfect Hen’s Night

To my lovely bridesmaids (who organised my dream hen’s night),

Thank you for making me feel so special.  I cannot believe how much you girls know me and I mean it – inside-out!  Because everything has happened so quickly, I don’t actually recall telling any one of you what I had in my mind as the perfect hen’s night.  One, that irrespective of circumstances, that I would’ve wanted.

Yet you girls were able to arrange this perfect night for me.  Chilled out, relaxed, fun, girly, reasonably tame and elegant! (Not to mention the appropriate supply of food!!!)

I love you…

I truely felt the love and had a great night and I hope you all did too.

[photo updates]

IMG_0637IMG_0640IMG_0641IMG_0482 (Small)
IMG_0647IMG_0473 (Small)IMG_0484 (Small)IMG_0488 (Small)IMG_0498 (Small)
IMG_0489 (Small)IMG_0492 (Small)IMG_0501 (Small)IMG_0518 (Small)


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Hen’s Night

  1. honey… just wanna say congrats and omg.. i cant believe its all happening so fast for u… im sooooo proud and happy for u… im so sorry i wont be able to make it to ur wedding.. i wish i can…. please keep me informed and upload ur beautiful photos.. im sure u will be the most beautiful bride… u are the first one to take the marriage path lead and im sure its gonna be the best thing ever for you. i feel bad that i never got the chance to meet ur honey but i will later when i do return to syd. Cherish your love and stay positive…. im so happy and there are no words to describe it. I miss u very much dear …. keep me updated ok!! Love u so much xoxoxox


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