A Daily New Reason to Appreciate

 Because God has given me the chance to.

I am awaken from my dark slumber of the past.  Those days are no longer lingering with no reason and no end.

I am given a fresh start because that weight has been lifted by the Great Power.

Days of the dark shadows will not disappear but those shadows will not cloud me from my pursuit to happiness.

I have a reason to appreciate……I hope you have a reason to appreciate as well.

Now, I look forward to the 16th October!!!  My list of things to do is sooo long….e.g…

  • Go through wedding planning notes, photos, gifts to create my scrapbook

  • Send out my Thank You cards

  • Re-arrange the furniture, clothing, bedroom makeover

  • Start my part-time job (needless to say) to keep me sane

  • Read the books I want to read

  • Write my business plans

  • Get into shape (to minimise the ‘pear’ bum as much as I can)

  • …what about my ‘household operations reform’? LOL*

  • ………………


Sun is out and I’m excited

Finally, the sun is out…Summer is approaching.

This winter has been too long.  I have longed for the warmth of the sun.  My skin is breathing the warmth in the air.  I love it.

As my employment nears its end, I am excited by the thought of having my ‘life’ back and being able to do all the things that I wanted to do.  I am ready to kick back into ‘balance’.

Life is exciting now….I can’t wait to taste it.

You just wait, xanga …I will be back full force! hehehe..