Bound by a food diary and exercise program

Worthy of a standalone post.

Even a drop of diet coke is recorded.  I only realised how much I was consuming when I was made conscious using pen and paper.  I can see Mandy shaking her head now with a look of bewilderment..LOL*

Mon & Fri – Cardio/ Takehome program consisting of pelvic floor, treadmill, supported bike, lunges, squats
Tues & Thurs – PT workout 45 min session at the gym
Wed & Sat – Rest Day
Sunday – Active day e.g. walking with pram




7 thoughts on “Bound by a food diary and exercise program

  1. @xx_kelle_xx – well babe, you don’t need to!!! it’s hard work for me now…just want to shed those extra few kilos to get back in shape.  like i said, if i get pregnant again, i’ll never allow myself those chocolate fixes EVERY night.  those extra kilos i’m carrying now is probably from the kilos of chocolate i put into my body without thinking when i was pregnant. thank goodness Seth took a bit of those chocolates into his body…otherwise, i can’t imagine how i’d look now.  LOL*


  2. @LoveJosephine –  I’ll give you prices. 1200 calorie plans:7 day, breakfast, lunch dinner = $1267 day, Lunch, dinner = $1127 day, breakfast, lunch = $825 day, breakfast lunch dinner = $1005 day, lunch dinner = $925 day, breakfast dinner = $815 day, breakfast lunch = $71you can choose to cook just one meal a day, or not eat it during weekends. Most things are fresh (salads, sandwiches) and dinners are always frozen. I only buy breakfast and lunches so that I can bring them to the office.


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