Missy’s Place

Missy's PlaceThe weather was beautiful today.  Normally, on a sunny day like today’s, I would’ve jumped out of bed nice and early to see whether we can head out for brunch with my hubby in a cafe under the sun.  But the appointment I had with Isa at Missy’s Place did not come in the way either.  After the previous night out with Remiko enjoying a cocktail and relaxing dinner at Toko’s (at Surry Hills), my husband was very gracious to give me another day off to enjoy a relaxing facial and massage despite the opportunity to spend family time on a beautiful day.

MassageroomsAfter Willie dropped me off at Missy’s Place, he headed into Chatswood where father and son spent some quality time shopping while Isabel and I got pampered.  Missy’s Place is heaven – http://www.missysplace.com.au. The pampering session started with a thirty minute back massage; a well deserved treatment on my back that has been working hard since the last few months of pregnancy, to carrying six kilo Seth around, to my workout program.  I have visited the Chinese massage parlour twice and had another one last week in Melbourne since giving birth.  Even so, I have to admit that this one was by far the best.  Following the back massage was the ninety minute ‘Overhaul facial’ which included Dermatologica products being layered onto my tired skin while the tension was massaged out of my face.  After nearly three hours of relaxation, the frown I had been wearing for weeks disappeared when I awoke to the therapist’s indication that we were done.  I felt human again.


So therapeutic was the afternoon that Isa and I were up in the air, if not still in La La Land, that the intended coffee catchup afterwards ended up as a quick hunger-fix before we parted agreeing to reschedule a proper ‘catchup’ next time.

I got home ready to see my husband and son, eager to find out how the afternoon treated them.  My husband seemed relaxed and was quick to remind me that we were heading out for dinner with Danny and Hazel.  I took advantage of the thirty minutes I had to squeeze in my cutdown workout program.

I couldn’t believe that I was not aware of the new Korean restaurant that has opened next to Kam Fook, granted I have given myself the name ‘Chatswood Queen’.  With Danny’s new move to Chatswood, I might have to retire from that title and hand it over to Hazel.    A hearty meal it was and the presentation of the dishes were great.  The night ended with a little hiccup when I broke out into a little hissy fit over my husband’s driving, albeit a bit inappropriate with Danny and Hazel in the backseat. Oopps!( I guess we might have to schedule a Missy’s Place full day treatment next time! )  Sorry Hazel and thanks for putting up with me!

How guilty I felt when I came home to realise that my hubby had done all the housechores that I thought would consume my night.  The laundry had been done, garbage tipped out, dishes washed.  Ahh….he deserves a big hug.

Thanking my hubby for his love and his efforts in making life easy.  I love you.


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